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President McAuliffe Addresses the Heads of the United Kingdom’s Universities

Posted September 16, 2009

Bryn Mawr College President Jane McAuliffe recently returned from the Universities UK (UUK) Annual Conference in Edinburgh, where she gave a speech outlining the effect of the global economic crisis on U.S. colleges and universities. UUK is the membership organization for the heads of all the universities in England, Ireland, and Wales. She called on […]

Students Return to a Rejuvenated Taylor Hall and Other Improvements as ‘Opportunity Meets Preparedness’

Posted August 18, 2009

This summer, while many colleges and universities had seriously curtailed repair and restoration efforts, College officials took advantage of the weak economy to reap major savings on construction by accelerating the pace of planned repairs. Read more

Protecting Bryn Mawr’s financial future: a letter from President McAuliffe

Posted December 4, 2008
Jane (signature)

Because Bryn Mawr was on a strong financial footing as the current economic downturn began, President McAuliffe and her advisers believe that spending can be cut without damaging the core mission of the College. Priorities: maintaining academic quality and continuing to meet full demonstrated need of students receiving financial aid.

Q&A: Economist David Ross on the Fiscal Stimulus

Posted January 31, 2008
photo: David Ross

On Tuesday, Congress passed a $146 billion fiscal-stimulus package that will include tax rebates for millions of taxpayers. Will it really boost the ailing economy? Associate Professor of Economics David Ross, the coauthor of the leading textbook in industrial organization, offers his opinions on the stimulus package, taxation and the use of fiscal policy to […]