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Angie Chen ’16 Develops Blue Bus App for Android Phones

Posted April 17, 2014

Angie Chen ’16 has developed a free Blue Bus app that is currently available for Android phones. The app provides users with access to each day’s updated Blue Bus schedule, as well as an option to search for a pick up at a specific time and date. Angie, a computer science major who created the […]

Julia Ferraioli ’07 Interviews Ashley Gavin ’10 in Google Developers Live Video

Posted February 6, 2014

Ashley Gavin ’10, recently was featured in a Google Developers Live video feature focusing on her work with technology teaching organizations Hopscotch and Girls Who Code. In the video, Gavin, a curriculum consultant to schools, nonprofits, and companies, is interviewed by fellow alumna Julia Ferraioli ’07, a Developer Advocate for Google Cloud Platform. Gavin and […]

Bryn Mawr Students Part of Team That Earns Top Spot at Tri-Co Hack-a-Thon

Posted January 30, 2014

More than 60 students from Bryn Mawr, Haverford, and Swarthmore colleges gathered as 14 teams in Haverford’s Founders Great Hall over the weekend for the first-ever Tri-Co Hack-a-Thon. As noted in this Haverford College post on the event, the teams “had just 48 hours to conceive, develop, and present web and mobile technology ideas” and […]

Program with BMC Computer Science Connections, “Girls Who Code,” Featured in Forbes

Posted November 15, 2012

A recent post on the Forbes magazine website highlighted the work of “Girls Who Code,” an organization dedicated to educating and equipping teen girls for career opportunities in the fields of technology and engineering. Members of the Bryn Mawr College Department of Computer Science faculty and student body have served as instructors, advisers, and curriculum […]

Professor Doug Blank and Students Put on a “Robot Circus” at Conference for Computer Science Educators

Posted March 22, 2012

Computer Science Professor Doug Blank and his colleague Jennifer Kay from Rowan University teamed up to coordinate a “Robot Circus” during the 43rd Association for Computing Machinery Technical Symposium on Computer Science Education (SIGCSE), held February 29 – March 3 in Raleigh, N.C. The SIGCSE Symposium is held yearly to address problems common among educators […]

Julia Ferraioli ’07 Named “Geek of the Week” by GeekWire

Posted August 5, 2011
Photo courtesy of GeekWire

Julia Ferraioli ’07 was named “Geek of the Week” by the website GeekWire. “Geekiness to me means loving the details of … anything! You can be a music geek who loves music theory, or software geek who wants to know exactly how your robot can run on top of Python. If you love digging into , then you’re a geek,” Ferraioli told GeekWire.

Boren Scholarship to Fund Year in Russia for Sophomore Chantal Taylor

Posted May 13, 2010
photo of Chantal Taylor

Chantal Taylor ’12 of Weaverville, N.C., who majors in Russian and minors in computer science, has been selected for a highly competitive Boren Scholarship for International Study. Just 138 undergraduates were selected from more than 900 applicants for these awards. Boren Scholarships provide up to $20,000 to U.S. undergraduate students to study abroad in areas […]

Former Roommates Meet Again as Goldwater Scholar, Honorable Mention

Posted April 23, 2010
photo of Samantha Wood

When Bryn Mawr’s Office of Residential Life made room assignments to first-year students in the fall of 2007, it had no way of knowing how much scientific talent it was concentrating in room 411 of Brecon Hall. Now the two former occupants of that room, Samantha Wood and Sarah Christian, are the winner and an […]

Bryn Mawr College Joins Other Schools in Creation of Center for Science of Information

Posted March 8, 2010

Bryn Mawr College is joining Howard University; MIT, Princeton; Stanford University; the University of California, Berkley; the University of California, San Diego; the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and lead institution Purdue University in the creation of the National Science Foundation’s Center for the Science of Information. The Center will be headquartered at Purdue and […]

Media: Bryn Mawr Teams With Other Colleges in Developing Humanoid Robot

Posted January 25, 2010

Bryn Mawr computer-science major Ashley Gavin ’10, who is researching walking algorithms for a robotic humanoid being developed by faculty and students at Bryn Mawr and a number of other U.S. and Korean colleges and universities, tells the Philadelphia City Paper how she’s also working to make science more accessible to kids. Bryn Mawr’s participation […]

Bryn Mawr Professors Escort Robots to Capitol Hill

Posted November 5, 2009

Three Bryn Mawr professors and a few of their favorite mechanical teaching assistants visited Washington, D.C., recently to advise members of Congress on the use of robotics in education. Bryn Mawr was one of a few institutions invited by the Congressional Bi-Partisan Robotics Caucus to a briefing on robots and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and […]

Bryn Mawr undergrads test robotics approach with a younger crowd of students

Posted May 15, 2008

Last May, Bryn Mawr students Mansi Gupta ’10, Marwa Nur Muhammad ’09, and Shikha Prashad ’09 applied for funding through the Computer Research Association’s Collaborative Research Experience for Undergraduates program to create a course that would expose middle-school students to computing in a fun way through the Scribbler robots.