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Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter to Give Convocation Address

Posted April 13, 2009

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter will give the commencement convocation address to Bryn Mawr College’s graduating class on Saturday, May 16, at 2:30 p.m. on Merion Green. “Mayor Nutter has been an important advocate for the many institutions of higher education in the Philadelphia region. He has made increasing the college-degree attainment rate and reducing the […]

The Chicago Tribune

Posted April 13, 2009

The Chicago Tribune is one of several media outlets reporting the nomination of A. Thomas McLellan, Ph.D. ’76, as deputy director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy.

Bryn Mawr in the Media: The New York Times

Posted April 6, 2009

A New York Times article about furniture and interior designer Lockwood De Forest and an upcoming sale of a collection of his work mentions that his artistry is on display in Bryn Mawr’s Thomas Great Hall, for which he designed much of the woodwork.

Bryn Mawr students join event with British Prime Minister, Madeline Albright, Obama advisor Paul Volker

Posted April 3, 2009
British Prime Minister Gordon Brown/Photo Courtesy Caroline Troein

Twelve Bryn Mawr students joined President Jane McAuliffe last week for a special invitation-only panel discussion at New York University featuring British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, former Secretary of State Madeline Albright and two-time Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volker, who currently chairs President Barrack Obama’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board … Read more »

Bryn Mawr in the Media: Nature Geoscience

Posted April 3, 2009

January 2009 marked the first anniversary of the launch of Nature Geoscience. To celebrate, the journal has put together its favorite articles from the first 12 issues. Among the articles chosen is Self-subduction of the Pangaean global plate, which was co-authored by Geology Chair Arlo Weil. Weil’s research was also featured in a September Bryn […]

Bryn Mawr in the Media: The New York Times

Posted March 31, 2009

In the article “For Top Colleges, Economy Has Not Reduced Interest (or Made Getting in Easier)” The New York Times notes that applications at Bryn Mawr are up.

Q&A: Geology Department’s Lynne Elkins on Volcanoes

Posted March 25, 2009

Alaska’s Mt. Redoubt has started to send plumes of ash and steam thousands of feet into the air. And if the volcano stays true to its past history, it could cause havoc for area residents for some time, affect the local oil industry, and disrupt flight paths. We asked geologist Lynne Elkins, whose research focuses […]

Bryn Mawr in the Media: The Philadelphia Inquirer

Posted March 16, 2009

In an article about the increase in applications at Pennsylvania and New Jersey state schools, The Philadelphia Inquirer notes that Bryn Mawr College, unlike many of its private-college peers, has seen a six-percent increase in applications.

Q&A: Film Studies Director Michael Tratner on Cinema During Times of Economic Crisis

Posted March 10, 2009

Film Studies Director Michael Tratner, author of Deficits and Desires: Economics and Sexuality in Twentieth-Century Literature, talks about economic crisis and the movies, from The Great Gatsby to Slumdog Millionaire. Read more&raquo

Bryn Mawr in the Media: USA Today

Posted March 3, 2009

President Obama may plan to pull most troops from Iraq by August 2010, but for those remaining, stress levels will continue to be high, GSSWSR Associate Professor James Martin tells USA Today.

Bryn Mawr in the Media: U.S. News and World Report

Posted February 27, 2009

Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid Jenny Rickard and her famous blue pen were featured in a recent U.S. News and World Report article about how colleges and universities have moved beyond the simple acceptance letter.

Bryn Mawr College President Jane McAuliffe Elected to Council on Foreign Relations

Posted February 20, 2009

Bryn Mawr College President Jane McAuliffe has been elected to the Council on Foreign Relations, the nation’s preeminent nongovernmental, nonpartisan think tank on foreign affairs. “As a scholar dedicated to fostering intercultural understanding and the president of a college committed to promoting quality higher education globally, I am very pleased to be joining the Council,” […]

Bryn Mawr Named to President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll with Distinction

Posted February 17, 2009

The Corporation for National and Community Service honored Bryn Mawr recently with a place on the President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll for exemplary service efforts and contributions to America’s communities. Bryn Mawr is one of only three Pennsylvania schools (the University of Pennsylvania and Waynesburg University are the others) and 83 schools nationwide […]

Mural Arts Director Jane Golden Awarded Hepburn Medal

Posted February 11, 2009
Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter, Jane Golden and Jane McAuliffe

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter, Bryn Mawr President Jane McAuliffe, and a host of other luminaries gathered at the National Constitution Center Saturday to honor Jane Golden, executive director of the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program, with the 2009 Katherine Hepburn Medal in recognition of her tireless efforts to build community through public art, engage at-risk youth, beautify the city and work toward social justice.

Q&A: Social Work’s Sanford Schram on Welfare and the Economic Crisis

Posted February 6, 2009

The New York Times recently reported that “despite soaring unemployment and the worst economic crisis in decades, 18 states cut their welfare rolls last year, and nationally the number of people receiving cash assistance remained at or near the lowest in more than 40 years.” We asked the Graduate School of Social Work’s Sanford Schram, […]

Bryn Mawr in the Media: Morning Edition

Posted February 5, 2009

Nina Jablonski ’75, author of Skin: A Natural History, talks about her latest research, which indicates that skin has changed color in human lineages much more quickly than scientists had previously supposed.

Congressman Joe Sestak Visits Bryn Mawr

Posted February 4, 2009
Bryn Mawr President Jane McAuliffe, Rep. Joseph Sestak and Assoc. Professor David Ross

Democratic U.S. Rep. Joe Sestak of Pennsylvania spoke to Bryn Mawr faculty and students in Dalton Hall Monday about the economy and other key policy issues confronting the United States. Sestak’s visit was hosted by Associate Professor of Economics David Ross as part of his “Policy Analysis and Economic Advocacy” seminar. Read more »

BMC Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid: Pa. Private Colleges Offer a Great Education and a Great Value

Posted February 2, 2009

Dean Jenny Rickard and her counterpart at Dickinson College assure college-bound students that financial aid continues to make private colleges affordable, even in hard times. This opinion piece originally appeared in the Harrisburg Patriot-News. Read more »

Bryn Mawr in the Media: The Philadelphia Inquirer

Posted February 2, 2009

“It’s a beautiful place that rivals the Ivies,” Haverford sophmore James Merriam tells The Philadelphia Inquirer in explaining why he’s chosen to room at Bryn Mawr.

Bryn Mawr in the Media: The Wall Street Journal

Posted January 27, 2009

In responding to “Why We Keep Falling for Financial Scams,” Psychology Professor Clark McCauley says the author fails to recognize the “two emotions that every con artist plays on: envy of those getting ahead and fear of falling further behind.”

Bryn Mawr in the Media: The New York Times Magazine

Posted January 26, 2009

In response to an article about the influence genes have on human behavior, Bryn Mawr Biology Professor Paul Grobstein points out that “Given chance and some architectural characteristics of human brains, there are perfectly good ways to give a meaningful account of free will” and that “there is no reason not to include it as […]

Bryn Mawr in the Media: The Philadelphia Inquirer

Posted January 23, 2009

In Poems vibrating with war, love, Bryn Mawr Associate Professor Karl Kirchwey, director of the Creative Writing Program, reviews Yusef Komunyakaa’s latest collection of poetry.

Bryn Mawr in the Media: All Things Considered

Posted January 22, 2009
Assistant Professor of Geology Chris Oze

NPR’s All Things Considered interviews Assistant Professor of Geology Chris Oze for a piece about the recent discovery of methane gas plumes on Mars and speculation that this may be a sign of life.

Bryn Mawr in the Media:

Posted January 21, 2009
Visiting Assistant Professor Jill Rhodes

In Neanderthal Weaponry Lacked Projectile Advantage, reports on new research by Visiting Assistant Anthropology Professor Jill Rhodes and Steven E. Churchill of Duke University that addresses the question of when human hunters added long-range projectile weapons (those thrown overhead) to their arsenal and whether this was a hunting method also employed by Neandertals of […]

Bryn Mawr in the Media:

Posted January 16, 2009

In Baby’s First Words, Bryn Mawr Professor Leslie Rescorla, director of the Child Study Institute, gives advice to parents about what to look for if they’re worried a child may have a speech delay.

Bryn Mawr Named one of the 50 “Best Value” Private Colleges by The Princeton Review

Posted January 12, 2009

Bryn Mawr College has been named one of the nation’s 50 “Best Value” private colleges by The Princeton Review. In its profile of Bryn Mawr on USA Today’s website, the editors at The Princeton Review said, “Classes here are challenging, boasting some outstanding professors and an impressive student-faculty ratio (8:1!)” The “Best Value Colleges” list, […]

Bryn Mawr in the Media: The Philadelphia Inquirer

Posted January 12, 2009

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that Bryn Mawr is one of several Philadelphia-area liberal-arts colleges to do well in a “best-value” ranking by Kiplinger’s Personal Finance.

Bryn Mawr in the Media: The Philadelphia Inquirer

Posted January 11, 2009

The Philadelphia Inquirer quotes Senior Assistant Director of Admissions Nancy Thaler on the importance of the college-admissions essay.

Reading Bones to Unlock Mysteries of the Evolution of Hunting and Warfare

Posted December 19, 2008
Visiting Assistant Professor Jill Rhodes

Read any good bones lately? Visiting biological anthropologist Jill Rhodes has, and they may provide some of the earliest evidence of when modern humans started doing something that would have been a pivotal development in the evolution of hunting and warfare—something we all take for granted: the overhead throw Read more »

Bryn Mawr in the Media: The Philadelphia Inquirer

Posted December 12, 2008

In “Bryn Mawr College eyeing campus in Abu Dhabi,” The Philadelphia Inquirer reports on the College’s exploration of the possibility of opening a campus in Abu Dhabi.

Bryn Mawr president takes part in U.K./U.S. study group on higher education

Posted December 4, 2008

Bryn Mawr President Jane McAuliffe is in London this week meeting with a small group of fellow higher-education leaders from the United States and the United Kingdom who are studying the current state of U.S./U.K. academic collaboration; how to strengthen those relationships; and how to leverage the unique ties that exist between the two countries in a global context.

Bryn Mawr in the Media: The Philadelphia Inquirer

Posted December 1, 2008
Bryn Mawr President Jane Dammen McAuliffe

Bryn Mawr President Jane Dammen McAuliffe gives thanks for “the day that made Jesse Jackson cry.”

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