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BMC Q&A: Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer John Griffith

Posted October 28, 2010

In an effort to keep the community informed about what’s happening at Bryn Mawr, College Communications has launched a new Q&A column. The column will run about once a month and feature various members of the president’s cabinet and other College officials. This week’s column features Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer John Griffith. When you […]

Q & A: Political Economist Michael Allen on Controversies Over Earthquake Relief in Haiti

Posted February 22, 2010
photo of Michael Allen

Responses to the devastating earthquake that struck Haiti on Jan. 12 have sparked considerable controversy. Politicians, aid workers, and pundits have argued about where relief efforts should be directed and who should be in charge. Questions about how best to rebuild an infrastructure that was inadequate even before the quake struck have led to debates […]

Q&A with 2009 Flexner Lecturer Sanjay Subrahmanyam

Posted November 5, 2009

2009 Mary Flexner Lecturer Sanjay Subrahmanyam is a prolific, well-regarded scholar, and an accomplished teacher. He taught economic history and comparative economic development at the Delhi School of Economics from 1983 to 1995, when he moved to Paris as directeur d’études in the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales. In 2002, Subrahmanyam moved to […]

Get to Know Interim Dean of Admissions Chuck Rickard

Posted October 9, 2009

Former Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid Jenny Rickard has become the College’s chief enrollment and communications officer. While the College conducts a national search for a new dean of admissions, seasoned college-admissions professional Chuck Rickard (the two Rickards are not related) has agreed to serve as interim dean of admissions. Read more»

Q&A: Geology Department’s Lynne Elkins on Volcanoes

Posted March 25, 2009

Alaska’s Mt. Redoubt has started to send plumes of ash and steam thousands of feet into the air. And if the volcano stays true to its past history, it could cause havoc for area residents for some time, affect the local oil industry, and disrupt flight paths. We asked geologist Lynne Elkins, whose research focuses […]

Q&A: Film Studies Director Michael Tratner on Cinema During Times of Economic Crisis

Posted March 10, 2009

Film Studies Director Michael Tratner, author of Deficits and Desires: Economics and Sexuality in Twentieth-Century Literature, talks about economic crisis and the movies, from The Great Gatsby to Slumdog Millionaire. Read more&raquo

Bryn Mawr Faculty on President Obama’s Pledge to ‘Restore Science to Its Rightful Place’

Posted February 20, 2009
Bryn Mawr President Jane McAuliffe

In his inauguration address last month, President Barack Obama said his administration would “restore science to its rightful place.” We asked the Bryn Mawr faculty what they hoped or thought the president meant by that comment. Here are a few of the answers we got: President Jane Dammen McAuliffe Among the many bright notes of […]

Q&A: Social Work’s Sanford Schram on Welfare and the Economic Crisis

Posted February 6, 2009

The New York Times recently reported that “despite soaring unemployment and the worst economic crisis in decades, 18 states cut their welfare rolls last year, and nationally the number of people receiving cash assistance remained at or near the lowest in more than 40 years.” We asked the Graduate School of Social Work’s Sanford Schram, […]

Q & A: Melanie Bruchet ’09, Jeopardy! contestant in episode to air Monday night

Posted September 12, 2008

Who is Melanie Bruchet? Archaeology major Melanie Bruchet ’09 will appear in the first “Jeopardy! Kids Week Reunion” on Monday, Sept. 15. We sat down and asked her about being on the game show. However, we didn’t require her to phrase her  reply in the form of a question. Jeopardy! airs locally at 7 p.m. […]

Q&A: Bryn Mawr Rowing Coach Carol Bower

Posted September 9, 2008

After the U.S. women’s eight rowing team won its first Olympic gold medal in 24 years at this year’s games, team coxswain Mary Whipple said, “This is for the 1984 girls.” One of those “girls” was Bryn Mawr rowing coach Carol Bower, who recently took a few minutes to talk about competing in the Olympics […]

Q&A: Enrique Sacerio-Garí on Cuba

Posted April 10, 2008
Sacerio-Gari photo

Next Wednesday, April 16, Dorothy Nepper Marshall Professor of Hispanic and Hispanic-American Studies Enrique Sacerio-Garí will deliver the final talk in the “Our Neighbor, Cuba” lecture series sponsored by Main Line School Night. Sacerio-Garí, a Cuban immigrant who advocates reconciliation between his homeland and the United States, recently returned from a trip to Cuba. His […]

Q&A: Economist David Ross on the Fiscal Stimulus

Posted January 31, 2008
photo: David Ross

On Tuesday, Congress passed a $146 billion fiscal-stimulus package that will include tax rebates for millions of taxpayers. Will it really boost the ailing economy? Associate Professor of Economics David Ross, the coauthor of the leading textbook in industrial organization, offers his opinions on the stimulus package, taxation and the use of fiscal policy to […]