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New Faculty: Dustin Albert and Macalester Bell

Posted September 3, 2015

Each week for the next several weeks we’ll be highlighting Bryn Mawr’s newest faculty members. The College supports faculty excellence in both research and teaching and is committed to social justice and inclusion in the classroom and in the community at large.  Dustin Albert Psychology My research investigates social and biological influences on the development […]

Psychology Professor Clark McCauley’s Expertise on Terrorism Featured in Several Outlets

Posted August 11, 2015

Bryn Mawr Psychology Professor Clark McCauley is quoted and his research cited in the article Recovering From Hate on the website Nova Next, NOVA’s digital publication that providing in-depth articles and commentaries from some of the most respected journalists, scientists, and engineers. In addition, he has co-written an article for United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research […]

Psychology’s Clark McCauley Quoted in Article About Tennessee Shooter

Posted July 22, 2015

Bryn Mawr Psychology Professor Clark McCauley, whose recent research has focused on the process of radicalization, was recently quoted in an article that appeared on the website of Salt Lake City, Utah, television station KUTV. The article, about Mohammad Abdulazeez, who shot and killed  four Marines and a Navy sailor at two military facilities in […]

Psychology Professor Clark McCauley Quoted by Media Covering Violence in the Middle East

Posted February 12, 2015

Bryn Mawr Psychology Professor Clark McCauley, whose recent research has focused on the process of radicalization, was recently quoted in a New York Times article about the terrorist group ISIS. McCauley’s expertise was also tapped recently by a reporter with the Middle East news organization Al-Monitor for a piece on a Turkish military unit that […]

Psychology Professor Clark McCauley Questions Research Linking Hurricane Names to People’s Responses

Posted June 26, 2014

Researchers made headlines recently with claims that people view hurricanes with traditionally female names as less dangerous and therefore react differently in preparing and heading warnings. However, among those who caution against embracing the findings is Bryn Mawr Psychology Professor Clark McCauley. From Science News: “A larger sample of male and female storms is needed […]

Psychology’s Marc Schulz and Students Continue Work With Long-Running Study of Human Development

Posted April 3, 2014

Starting in 1938 and continuing to this day, The Study of Adult Development is one of the longest-running and influential longitudinal studies of human development ever undertaken. For 76 years, two groups of men have been studied from adolescence into late life to identify the predictors of healthy aging. For more than 12 years, Bryn […]

Community is Key for Aspiring Advocate and Watson Fellowship Awardee Ashley Hahn ‘14

Posted March 20, 2014
Ashley Hahn

Ashley Hahn’s lifelong passion for community service began when she was barely a toddler, tagging along with her father at local fire department events in her hometown of Allamuchy, N.J. At Bryn Mawr, the same commitment to community drew the psychology and political science double major to the Praxis program, where she was able to […]

Study Highlights Success of Bryn Mawr’s Clinical Developmental Psychology Program

Posted December 12, 2013

A new study to be published in Training and Education in Professional Psychology identifies Bryn Mawr’s Clinical Developmental Psychology Program (CDPP) as one of five “top programs”  in clinical psychology out of 233 programs across the country.  The rankings are based on analysis of outcomes such as internship match and licensure exam performance. Bryn Mawr’s […]

Michelle Francl Blogs Contemplative Traditions 360° in Japan

Posted October 2, 2013
Contemplative Traditions Students in Japan

Chemistry Professor Michelle Francl is blogging from Japan as part of the 360° Contemplative Traditions course cluster. Contemplative Traditions, the first repeated course cluster in the history of the 360° program brings together historical, cultural, psychological, and religious perspectives in its study of mindful and contemplative traditions. In addition to Francl, the courses are taught […]

Students and Faculty Prepare for 360° Trip to Hamburg with Help from Fulbright Fellow

Posted April 25, 2013
Fulbright Fellow Patricia Roth

In a few weeks, students in “Space and Identity: Psychological, Artistic, and Spatial Approaches to Hamburg, Philadelphia, and Beyond,” one of three current 360° course clusters, will finish their semester by traveling to the North German port city in the course title. While past 360°s have included travel components, “Space and Identity” marks the first […]

Sydney Espinosa ’14 Experiences CSI Firsthand Through Funded Internship

Posted April 4, 2013

For devoted CSI fan Sydney Espinosa ’14, an internship at the crime scene unit of the Forensic Science Division of the Austin Police Department in Austin, TX, was a grisly fairytale come true. But, she reports, “Living out the reality was infinitely more glamorous and interesting than anything I watched on TV.” In the field […]

Ellen Vari ’13 Receives Fulbright Teaching Assistantship to Argentina

Posted March 28, 2013
Ellen-2529 (1)

At age six, Ellen Vari ’13 was less than happy that her parents enrolled her in an elementary school across town with a partial-immersion Spanish program. “All the people that I knew up to that point were going to our neighborhood school, and I was going about 45 minutes away to a school with nobody […]

Psychology Professor Clark McCauley Talks Ignorance Post 9-11

Posted October 25, 2012

Bryn Mawr Professor of Psychology Clark McCauley, whose new book Friction: How Radicalization Happens to Them and Us was published last year, is now blogging for Psychology Today. His latest post looks at a mistake that continues today to poison U.S. relations with the Muslim world. McCauley is the Rachel C. Hale Professor of Sciences and Mathematics and […]

Psychology Professor Clark McCauley on AMC’s “Mad Men” and “Jujitsu Politics Corporate Style”

Posted March 22, 2012

In his latest Psychology Today blog, Psychology Professor Clark McCauley examines how the makers of AMC’s “Mad Men” used an image evocative of the Sept. 11 attacks to create controversy (and buzz) in advance of the show’s season premiere. From the article: “Look at the article from AMC’s point of view. Do they know that […]

Bryn Mawr Psychology Prof and Alumna Co-Author Study on Relationships Between Men and Women

Posted March 8, 2012

Bryn Mawr College Associate Professor of Psychology Marc Schulz and Emily Weiss, Ph.D. ’08, are among the authors of a new study that offers fresh insight into the role empathy plays in men’s and women’s satisfaction with their relationships. Where previous studies have focused only on how accurately partners read each others’ emotions, the new […]

Bryn Mawr Psychology Professor’s Research Makes Headlines Again Years After its Initial Release

Posted March 1, 2012

When Bryn Mawr Psychology Professor Leslie Rescorla first published her long-term findings in connection with the Language Development Survey in 2001, its relative simplicity, real-world applicability, and broad appeal made it that rare piece of research that’s able to compete for headline space and air time with the breaking news of the day and the […]

Bryn Mawr Student Lakshmi Somasundaram ’13 Pens Article About Autism for India Abroad

Posted February 16, 2012

In the latest issue of India Abroad, Lakshmi Somasundaram ’13 writes about how Bollywood and the Indian IT industry can change the face of autism in India. Somasundaram has written for the magazine’s “Teenspeak” section since age 12. Her latest article is based on a final paper from her “Autism Spectrum Disorders” class last semester […]