Class of 2016 Hanna Holborn Gray Research Fellows

Posted May 22nd, 2015 at 11:28 am.

Fifteen members of the Class of 2016 will be spending a portion of their summer doing independent research as Hanna Holborn Gray Research Fellows.

The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation has given Bryn Mawr College a grant in honor of Bryn Mawr alumna Hanna Holborn Gray, ’50 who served as chair of the foundation’s Board of Trustees. These funds are used to support undergraduate research in the humanities and the humanistic social sciences.

Up to 15 students are selected each summer and have the opportunity to spend the summer conducting independent research. Students receive fellowships of $4,500 while they do research that can either be the beginning of the senior thesis or a project that stands alone, but is relevant to their intellectual interests.

Meet this year’s Hanna Holborn Gray Research Fellowship recipients and read the title of their research project:

Nicole Barker, Anthropology, Advisor: Kristin Lindgren

What Will You Gain When You Lose?: Defining Disability Gain, the Power of Othering, & the Good That Can Come of Suffering

Julie Benton, Archaeology and Classical Languages, Advisor: Russell Scott

Degrees of Individualization and Idealized Virtue in Julio-Claudian Portraits of Imperial Women

Eliana Chavkin, History, Advisor: Anita Kurimay

The Evolution of an Idea: Woodrow Wilson and Minority Rights

Elizabeth Erikson, Greek, Advisor: Radcliffe Edmonds

Cosmology and Creation in Plato’s Timaeus

Ava Hawkinson, Creative Writing, Advisor: Daniel Torday

The Role of Recreational Activities in Japanese American Internment Camps

Brittani Ivan, English, Advisor: Jamie Taylor

Across the Wall: The Narrative Shaping Power of Liminal Zones in Immersive Fantasy Fiction

Leah Kahler, Anthropology, Advisor: Nate Wright

(Grounds)keepers of Heritage: Historical Narrative and Monticello’s Garden Laborers

Kristin McConnell, Religion, Advisor: Anne McGuire

Limitation and Liberation: A Study of Empowerment and Bodily Integrity among Jain Monastic Women

Alexandra Nae, Growth and Structure of Cities, Advisor: Gary McDonogh

Bucharest: Reclaiming public spaces and building an urban identity in the post socialist city

Xuenan Ni, Growth and Structure of Cities and Math, Advisor: Gary McDonogh

How should Beijing construct subways?—Lessons from Hong Kong’s TODs

Erin Saladin, English and French, Advisor: Bethany Schneider

The Surrogation Games: White Bodies Appropriating Oppression in Dystopian American Literature

Julia Tanenbaum, History, Advisor: Sharon Ullman

Dreaming the Impossible: Anarcha-Feminism, Women’s Liberation, and the Politics of Total Social Transformation

Minh Tran, Growth and Structure of Cities, Advisor: Gary McDonogh

Greater Hanoi’s Peri-urban: Land Consolidation and Rice Production

Yitan Wang, Philosophy, Advisor: Seung-Youn Oh

Civil Society in a Non-Democratic Country:  The Examination of Contemporary Chinese Civil Society

Chanel Williams, Growth and Structure of Cities, Advisor: Robert Washington

The King Assassination Riot in Washington D.C: Transformations and Continuities in D.C’s Urban Environment

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