Students Honored at 2015 Award Ceremony

Posted May 8th, 2015 at 12:47 pm.

President Cassidy with Miranda Smith ’16, recipient of the Sheelah Kilroy Memorial Scholarship in English

President Cassidy with Miranda Smith ’16, recipient of the Sheelah Kilroy Memorial Scholarship in English

At a ceremony on Monday, May 4, President Kim Cassidy announced the winners of a host of awards given to Bryn Mawr students. The awards and scholarships cited include honors bestowed by Bryn Mawr as well as those given by outside organizations. Below is the complete list of awards and honorees. Additional awards will be presented at Convocation on Friday, May 15.

Davis Projects for Peace
Jonetta White ’16 of Ohio

St. Andrew’s Foundation Scholarship
Erin Bonner ’17 of Pennsylvania

Charles S. Hinchman Memorial Scholarship
Madeleine Hanson-Colvin ’16 of Minnesota
Erin Saladin ’16 of Idaho

Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship
Paola Bernal ’17 of Texas
Sofia Chavez ’17 of Washington
Crystal Des-Ogugua ’17 of Pennsylvania
Kiran Pizarro Mansukhani ’17 of New York
Gissell Montoya ’17 of Texas

Elizabeth S. Shippen Scholarship in Foreign Language
Juliana Benton ’16 of New Jersey
Yuyan Ji ’16 of China

Elizabeth S. Shippen Scholarship in Science
Tianyi Zhang ’16 of California

Academy of American Poets Prize
Sanam Sheriff ’18 of India

Alexandra Peschka Prize
Rachel Hampton ’16 of New York
Shaina Robinson ’16 of Michigan

Anne Kirschbaum Winkelman Literary Prize
Zahabya Mama ’17 of New Jersey

Bain-Swiggett Poetry Prize
Kayla Schneider-Smith ’16 of New Jersey

Katherine Fullerton Gerould Memorial Prize
Allison Rodgers ’15 of New Jersey

Seymour Adelman Poetry Award
Allison Rodgers ’15 of New Jersey

Richmond Lattimore Prize for Poetic Translation
Sage Farha ’17 of Massachusetts
Sara Powell ’15 of North Carolina
Ya Wang ’17 of Taiwan

Berle Memorial Prize in German Literature
Kendall Baller ’16 of New York
Angela Blatz ’16 of Ohio

Elizabeth Duane Gillespie Fund for Scholarships
in American History
Eliana Chavkin ’16 of Illinois

Sheelah Kilroy Memorial Scholarship in English
Miranda Smith ’16 of Pennsylvania

Clare Boothe Luce Scholarship
Mary Boman ’17 of Pennsylvania

Elinor Nahm in Elementary Italian
Mackenzie Crean ’18 of Connecticut
Alice Somers ’16 of New York

Elinor Nahm in Intermediate Italian
Francesca Agnello ’18 of New Jersey
Lyra Piscitelli ’18 of Massachusetts

Elinor Nahm in Italian Language & Literature
Stephanie Castro ’16 of Illinois

Jane Wilkinson Arts Prize
Amelia Couderc ’16 of Pennsylvania
Maya Neville ’16 of Virginia

Judy Loomis Gould Scholarship for Summer Study Abroad
Erica Rice ’17 of Pennsylvania
Abigail Stephenson ’16 of D.C.

Maria L. Eastman Brooke Hall Memorial Scholarship
Miranda Smith ’16 of Pennsylvania

The Georgette Chapman Phillips ’81 Scholarship
Yu-Ju Park ’16 of Delaware

Gail Ann Schweiter Prize
Nicole Hamagami-Samson ’16 of California

Thomas Raeburn White Scholarship
Gabrielle Smith ’17 of Pennsylvania
Emma Tunstall ’17 of Massachusetts

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