Hepburn’s Closet Celebrates The Diverse Fashions of the Tri-Co

Posted April 23rd, 2015 at 10:47 am.


Photos taken by Ana Gabriela Reina-Gonzalez ’15.

For many college students, an extra 30 minutes of sleep or a quick dining hall pit stop on the way to class trumps putting together a fashionable outfit in the morning. But a brisk walk across Bryn Mawr’s campus will show you that Mawrters like to wear their individuality on their sleeve, and Hepburn’s Closet wants to celebrate that.

Named after Katharine Hepburn, class of 1928, Hepburn’s Closet began as a fashion club at Bryn Mawr which over the years has existed in several forms: a print magazine, an online magazine, and a blog. Now under the direction of Caitlin Hutt ’17, Hepburn’s Closet, or HepClo for short, has transitioned beginning this February into a successful Instagram and Facebook page and has representatives throughout the Tri-Co.

“Our goal is to highlight the outfits of every student on each campus,” says Hutt. “We want to see a diversity of looks, people, and interpretations of what’s fashionable. Everyone has their own idea of how they want to look and what makes them feel confident, and we strive to showcase that.”

Photos from HepClo's Instagram account.

Photos from HepClo’s Instagram account.

With more than 600 Instagram followers and Facebook likes each, HepClo features outfit photos from students on all three campuses, student-organized photo shoots, event photo shoots, “it’s in the details” posts that highlight outfit details, and #wcw (women crush Wednesday) posts featuring strong women in history with inspirational style.

“It’s popular on all three campuses and we post something new every day. We strive to give a true visual impression of what the student body at each school looks like. And it’s fascinating to see the similarities and differences between campuses,” says Hutt.

In the past, HepClo has partnered with the Green Ambassadors to organize a clothing swap on Bryn Mawr’s campus. With HepClo growing to the Tri-Co, the representatives will be working with the Green Ambassadors from each school to host a joint clothing swap on all three campuses on Sunday, April 26. Proceeds from the clothing swap will be donated to a charity of each campus’ choosing and all unswapped clothing will be donated. More information can be found on their Facebook page.

Anyone interested in joining HepClo or submitting outfit photos can email hepclo1928@gmail.com or contact the head representative at their school: Caitlin Hutt ’17, Momo Marie Zorrilla (Haverford), and Mireille Guy (Swarthmore).

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