President’s Office to Hold Community Day of Learning on March 18

Posted February 27th, 2015 at 12:54 pm.

The President’s Office has enlisted the help of faculty, staff, students, and outside facilitators to organize, plan, and promote the inaugural Community Day of Learning. The day will feature performances, panel discussions, interactive workshops, and lectures designed to elevate and promote the benefits and challenges of living and learning in a diverse community.

“I have been so impressed by the more than 150 volunteers who are bringing their enthusiasm and energy to this project. So many people are working very hard to make this day a success,” says Ruth Lindeborg, Secretary of the College and a principal organizer of the event. “In addition to opening and closing sessions that will bring all of us together, nearly 40 sessions are being organized to give each person on campus an opportunity to choose something new to learn—whether it is about Bryn Mawr’s history, experiences of others in our community, or about ways in which we can engage our diversity as a key element of the distinctiveness and excellence of the College.”

Theater Delta, a Chapel Hill, NC-based interactive theater group whose work focuses primarily on the complexity of college campus communities, will be performing in Goodhart and is expected to draw one of the biggest audiences. In an effort to accommodate as many members of the community as possible, the performances will be offered twice.

One of the biggest challenges to hosting Community Day of Learning has been logistical. Fortunately, the planning committee has faced this problem head on and will be launching a website early next week. Planners are asking participants to let them know what sessions will be of interest to them.

“We would like to be sure that we allocate spaces appropriate to interest. It would not be helpful to learn that a session with more than 50 attendees has been assigned to a classroom that holds only 15. Please, please, please, let us know your tentative plans,” says Jancy Munguia ’14, researcher in the Provost’s Office.

Lunches will be provided for community members not on the meal plan, and participants will have an opportunity to note that on the form as well.

“I am excited by the possibilities presented by the Community Day of Learning. I am hopeful that this day will provide a positive first step in creating a tradition of community engagement with issues that affect us all,” President Kim Cassidy offered. “I’ve been told when attending day-long conferences that if I can take away one or two pieces of good information then the event has been successful.  If everyone is able to learn one or two new things that help them make Bryn Mawr a more inclusive community, then I think we will have made some progress to build upon.”

Please watch your email and bulletin boards for more information about Community Day of Learning.

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