Geology’s Don Barber Quoted in Baltimore Sun Article on Rip Tides

Posted August 28th, 2014 at 1:02 pm.

Associate Professor of Geology Don Barber was quoted by The Baltimore Sun for an article on the dangerous rip tides that have been occurring at Maryland beaches this summer.

According to the article, 850,000 cubic yards of sand from offshore were pumped across the beaches this spring but no storms came through soon after to redistribute the sand, creating frequent rip tides. On top of that, Hurricane Cristobal is continuing to churn up Mid-Atlantic waters.

Barber explains, “Replenishment raises beaches’ elevation slightly to stave off erosion, but it also makes them steeper, something that could factor into surf dangers…Waves crashing more violently and flowing back faster because of a steep beach profile could make rip currents form more rapidly and less predictably.”

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