Students Honored at 2014 Award Ceremony

Posted April 24th, 2014 at 11:05 am.


President Kim Cassidy and Jacqueline Handy ’14 of New York. Handy received the Dr. Hayley S. Thomas Prize in Diversity.

At a ceremony on Wednesday, April 23, President Kim Cassidy announced the winners of a host of awards given to Bryn Mawr students. The awards and scholarships cited include honors bestowed by Bryn Mawr as well as those given by outside organizations. Here is the complete list of awards and honorees:

National Awards

Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship
Chandrea Peng ’15 of Massachusetts
Midley Theork ’15 of Massachusetts

Davis Projects for Peace
Huong Giang Le ’15 of Vietnam

Fulbright Fellowship
Madiha Irfan ’14 of Pennsylvania
Katherine Marcoux ’14 of New York

St. Andrew’s Foundation Scholarship
Brittani Ivan ’16 of Oregon

Watson Fellowship
Ashley Hahn ’14 of New Jersey


Undergraduate Academic Prizes and Awards

Charles S. Hinchman Memorial Scholarship
Orsola Capovilla-Searle ’15 of Mexico
Vanessa Felso ’15 of Georgia

Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship
Kathiana Abraham ’16 of Massachusetts
Lucy Carreno-Roca ’16 of Texas
Maria Morrero (McBride) of Pennsylvania
Rochelle Waite ’16  of Massachusetts
Rachel Weissler ’16  of Pennsylvania

Elizabeth S. Shippen Scholarship in Foreign Language
Isabelle Wozniak ’15 of Pennsylvania

Elizabeth S. Shippen Scholarship in Science
Carolyne Face ’15 of Delaware


Undergraduate Co-Curricular Prizes and Awards

McPherson Undergraduate Award for Excellence
Amanda Beardall ’14 of Oregon
Esther Chiang ’14 of Massachusetts
Ashley Hahn ’14 of New Jersey

Dr. Hayley S. Thomas Prize in Diversity
Lauren Footman ’14 of Pennsylvania
Jacqueline Handy ’14 of New York
Ana Mejia ’15 of California


Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Awards

Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst (German Academic Exchange)
Katherine Rochester, Ph.D. Candidate in History of Art

Doris Sill Carland Excellence in Teaching Award
Kristen Recine, Ph.D. Candidate in Physics
Abbe Walker, Ph.D. Candidate in Greek, Latin, and Classical Studies
Michele Seiler, Ph.D. Candidate in Chemistry

Koç Fellowship 2014–2015
Emre Kuruçayirli, Ph.D. Candidate in Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology

McPherson Award for Excellence
Ben Williams, Ph.D. Candidate in Chemistry
Emily Moore, Ph.D. Candidate in Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology

Mrs. Giles Whiting Fellowship in the Humanities
Maeve Doyle, Ph.D. Candidate in History of Art
Johanna Best, Ph.D. Candidate in Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology


Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research Awards

Shahbanu Goldberg, M.S.S. ’00, Award
Lauri Haines, M.S.S. ’14, of Pennsylvania
Lindsey Turr, M.S.S./M.L.S.P. ’14, of Pennsylvania

McPherson Award for Excellence
Sharon Kimber, M.S.S./M.L.S.P. ’14, of Pennsylvania
Shani Robin, M.S.S. ’15, of Pennsylvania

Kevin J. Robinson Award
Norman Saunders, M.S.S. ’14, of Pennsylvania
Marketta Kelly, M.S.S. ’14, of Pennsylvania


Departmental Awards

Berle Memorial Prize in German Literature
Zeina Husseini ’14 of Israel

Bolton Senior Award
Janine Holloway ’14 of D.C.
Amy Robles ’14 of California

Mary Louise Cookson Prize in Mathematics
Ivy Gluck ’14 of New York

Frederica de Laguna Award
Lucy Gleysteen ‘14 of Massachusetts

Elizabeth Duane Gillespie Fund for Scholarships in American History
Julianna Conlan ’15 of Maryland

Pauline Jones Prize in French
Isabelle Wozniak ’15 of Pennsylvania

Anna Lerah Keys Memorial Prize
Avary Taylor ’15 of Florida

Sheelah Kilroy Memorial Scholarship in English
Esteniolla Maitre ’15 of Massachusetts

MIT Lincoln Labs Research Award
Computer Science
Yijun Zhou ’15 of China

Katherine Engelman ’14 of Colorado
Freda Li ’14 of New York

Estella Barbosa de Souza ’14 of Brazil

Elinor Nahm in Intermediate Italian
Stephanie Castro ’16 of Illinois

Elinor Nahm in Introductory Italian
Isabella Ballerini ’17 of New York
Isabelle Frosch ’17 of Massachusetts

Elinor Nahm in Italian Language & Literature
Cynthia Columbus ’14 of Massachusetts
Laura Silla ’14 of Colorado
Sofia-Bella Vitale-Gill ’14 of Minnesota

Elinor Nahm Prize in Russian Language and Linguistics
Gizem Aydin ’14 of Pennsylvania

Elinor Nahm Prize in Russian Literature and Culture
Bluma Millman ’14 of Maryland

Elisabeth Packard Fund
Tabatha Barton ’15 of Pennsylvania

Charlotte Angas Scott Prize in Mathematics
Emelie Curl ’14 of New Jersey
Jeanne Mirbey ’14 of France

Katherine Stains Prize Fund in Classical Literature
Zoe Fox ’14 of Maryland

Anna Pell Wheeler Prize in Mathematics
Zhuoman (Sophie) Zhao ’14 of China

Jane Wilkinson Arts Prize
Camilla Dely ’15 of South Africa


Literary Prizes

Academy of American Poets Prize
Hema Surendranathan ’14 of Malaysia
Honorable Mention
Martha (Mattie) Wechsler ’14 of Massachusetts

Seymour Adelman Poetry Award
Rachel Hampton ’16 of New York
Honorable Mention
Erin Saladin ’16 of Idaho

Bain-Swiggett Poetry Prize
Hannah Henderson-Charnow ’17 of New York
Honorable Mention
Rachel Hampton ’16 of New York
Allison Rodgers ’15 of New Jersey

Katherine Fullerton Gerould Memorial Prize
Martha (Mattie) Wechsler ’14 of Massachusetts
Honorable Mention
Megan Thomson Connor ’14 of New York

Richmond Lattimore Prize for Poetic Translation
Sage Farha ’17 of Kansas

Alexandra Peschka Prize
Hannah Hynes-Mumford ’16 of Washington
Honorable Mention
Ava Hawkinson ’16 of California
Erica Rice ’17 of Pennsylvania

Anne Kirschbaum Winkelman Literary Prize
Neha Kamran ’15 of Pakistan
Honorable Mention
Erin Penney ’16 of Tennessee
Allison Rodgers ’15 of New Jersey


Other Bryn Mawr Awards

Seymour Adelman Book Collector’s Award
Karuna Doraiswamy ’14 of Pennsylvania
Sophie Mankins ’14 of Massachusetts

Hester Ann Corner Prize for Distinction in Literature
Katherine Littrell ’14 of Australia
Taylor Stone ’14 of Missouri

Hester Ann Corner Prize for Distinction in Literature—Foreign Language
Rayna Allonce ’15 of Pennsylvania
Laura Silla ’14 of Colorado

Judy Loomis Gould Scholarship
Claudia Keep ’15 of Pennsylvania
Hannah Nacheman ’15 of New Jersey

Maria L. Eastman Brooke Hall Memorial Scholarship
Kaitlin Nordhoff ’15 of Pennsylvania
Xiaomeng (Summer) Xia ’15 of China

The Georgette Chapman Phillips ’81 Scholarship
Lindsey Foster ’16 of Washington

Gail Ann Schweiter Prize
Qing Du ’15 of Pennsylvania
Eleanor Frye ’14 of Pennsylvania
Anne Grammer ’16 of Massachusetts

Thomas Raeburn White Scholarship
Lindsey Foster ’16 of Washington

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