2014 Hanna Holborn Gray Research Fellows Named

Posted April 17th, 2014 at 3:36 pm.

Thirteen members of the Class of 2015 have been named Hanna Holborn Gray Research Fellows and will spend their summer on research interests spanning Medieval Iberia to 2020 Tokyo.

The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation has given Bryn Mawr College a grant in honor of Bryn Mawr alumna Hanna Holborn Gray, ’50 who served as chair of the foundation’s Board of Trustees. These funds are used to support undergraduate research in the humanities and the humanistic social sciences.

Up to 15 students are selected each summer and have the opportunity to spend the summer conducting independent research. Students receive fellowships of $4,500 while they do research that can either be the beginning of the senior thesis or a project that stands alone, but is relevant to their intellectual interests.

Meet this year’s Hanna Holborn Gray Research Fellowship Recipients:

tabatha_bartonTabatha Barton ’15

Research Project: The presence of minor agrarian divinities in the harvest festivals of Rome and their relationship to Saturn. A study of the literature and archaeological evidence from the Roman forum beginning with the archaic through the early empire.




Stephanie_BredbennerStephanie Bredbenner 15

Research Project: A Cultural Crossroads:  Coexistence, Conflict, and Intellectual Exchange in Medieval Iberia





Maya_FelmanMaya Felman ’15

Research Project: St. Clare’s in the Colonies: Echoes of Enid Blyton






sarah_ferrieriSarah Ferrieri ’15

Research Project: Depictions of Disease and Medicine in the Art of Colonial Latin America






sofia_javedSofia Javed 15

Research Project: Hindu-Islamic Relations Post the Partition: The Conflict in the Population’s Collective Memory





Xue_JinXue Jin 15

Research Project: The Rhetoric of the 2020 Olympics and the Sustainable Tokyo Concept






ellen_liAilun (Ellen) Li ’15

Research Project:  Who is the Lawbreaker? Sino-Hong Kong Relationship under the One Country Two Systems Policy





allegra_massaroAllegra Tomass  Massaro 15

Research Project: Philanthropies in Philadelphia: Understanding Their Role in the Urban Agenda





Eileen_MorganEileen Morgan ’15

Research Project: A Taste for the Past: Medieval Food and Modern Palates






leigh_petersonLeigh Peterson 15

Research Project: Appropriating Iconography: Roger II Use of Byzantine Imperial Iconography in Royal Norman-Sicilian Architecture





Angela_RosenbergAngela  Rosenberg ’15

Research Project:  A Novel Reboot: Videogames as a Narrative Form






pamudu_tennakoonPamudu Tennakoon 15

Research Project: Postcolonial Elites and Colonial Architecture






CorradoDiana Corrado 15

Research Project: Does Anything Lie Beneath Everything?:  Sincerity and Authenticity in the Age of Ideology

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