Bryn Mawr College Changes Its Name To More Twitter-Friendly Brn Mwr

Posted April 1st, 2014 at 4:01 am.

logoAFJust a few short weeks since being named Bryn Mawr’s President, Kim Cassidy has announced her first major initiative as leader of the prestigious women’s college.

Effective immediately, Bryn Mawr College will be known as “Brn Mwr,” dropping all the vowels from its name.

“This is the age of Twitter, every character counts,” said Cassidy in making the announcement. “And really, what’s the difference, no one can pronounce our name anyway.”

Reaction from faculty regarding the change was mixed.

“It’s about time the College catches on,” said Assistant Professor of Geology Pedro Marenco. “ Vowels are so overrated. Geologists have been getting rid of vowels for a very long time.”

Arguing against the change were English Associate Professors Kate Thomas and Bethany Schneider.

“We would be shortening classic works of literature in devastating ways,” warned Thomas, chair of the department.

“My job would be worth nothing,” added Schneider.

To see the faculty members’ full reactions, watch the video below.

However response from students has been overwhelmingly positive, said Cassidy.

“This is about embracing the language of today’s young people. So to test the idea out I sent texts to some of our most tech-savvy students,” says Cassidy. “There were a few who balked at the idea but most were incredibly enthusiastic. Several sent me texts saying ‘Wow, That’s Fantastic!’ At least I assume that’s what they meant. Like I said, every character counts and students tend to use a lot of acronyms when they text.”

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