Dalun Community Fellowships Now Accepting Applications

Posted December 12th, 2013 at 2:16 pm.

The Dalun Community Fellowships (formerly known as the Simli Centre Internships) are now accepting applications for their summer 2014 program.

Launched in 2013, these fellowships are a 10-week experience in Dalun, Ghana. Each student is assigned a specific project and mentor while engaging with community-based learning and action.

The goal of the fellowship is to unite ideas, theory, and learning with practice. Students will expand research on community-based literacy in Dalun, plan a teacher training workshop with faculty from the University of Development Studies, take Dagbani classes, and become active participants within the Dalun community.

The fellowships emphasize engagement with local youth programs and schools. Partner organizations in Dalun include the Titagya Schools, Simli Radio, Dalun Community Youth House, Dalun Simli Centre, and the Dalun ICT Centre.

Last summer’s pilot program included five Bi-Co students, a student from College of the Holy Cross, and a research fellow from the Teachers College of Columbia University. All participants are hosted by the Simli Centre, a guest center and workshop space.

A proposed course in the fall of 2014 will facilitate ongoing reflection, research, and analysis of the summer experience.

Applications are due Sunday, February 9, 2014 at 11:59 p.m. and are available through the Center for Peace and Global Citizenship online system. Applicants are strongly encouraged to contact Alice Lesnick (alesnick@brynmawr.edu), Theresa Cann (tcann@brynmawr.edu), Esteniolla Maitre (emaitre@brynmawr.edu) or Andrew Garza (Andrew.a.garza@gmail.com) for an informational interview.

Ivy Gray-Klein ’14

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