Bryn Mawr Students and Alumnae Present Research at National Geology Conference

Posted November 14th, 2013 at 2:40 pm.

Bryn Mawr students Danyelle Phillips ’14, Emily Garcia ’14, and Nancy Toure ’15 and Haverford student Abby Fullen joined Assistant Professor Pedro Marenco at the Geological Society of America’s national meeting in Denver, Colo., last month. Alumnae Julie Griffin ’11 and Anna Woodson ’12 also presented research at the conference.

The students gave poster presentations on the research they conducted with Marenco looking for evidence of shallow water anoxia during the Great Ordovician Biodiversification Event, a period about 480 million years ago when life on earth flourished dramatically.

Also presenting at the meeting was Haverford Student Julia Grace Klinges, who worked with Assistant Professor Selby Cull to study dissolved metals in runoff and groundwater around mines.

Student travel for the conference was paid for through the Sherman Fairchild Foundation, which provides funding for student conference travel for students pursuing work in biology, chemistry, geology, neuroscience, and/or physics who have participated in Bryn Mawr’s Summer Science Research Program. Students are required to present their research to be eligible for this award, either as a poster or as a panel presentation. More information on Sherman Fairchild Conference Funding is available online.

Bryn Mawr’s Geology Department combines physics and biology, chemistry and math in the interdisciplinary study of the Earth and the environment. Emphasis is placed on the importance of field work in learning to understand and manage our physical environment. The department’s faculty members and several affiliates teach courses and conduct research in areas that include invertebrate paleontology, sedimentology, mineralogy and petrology, structural geology, tectonics, and geophysics.

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