Students Seed New Cherry Trees with Wishes at Tree-Planting Event

Posted November 12th, 2013 at 3:23 pm.

The Facilities Department hosted a campus-wide tree-planting event last Friday to add four new cherry trees to campus. Students were encouraged to write their wishes and dreams  on pieces of paper and seed them with the trees. In the spring, they will be reminded of their dreams as the cherries blossom.

The idea for the wish planting came from Linh Tong ’14, campus greening representative, who hoped her idea would get more students interested and involved in the landscaping on campus.

“I knew that the Facilities team would soon be planting trees, and I personally got very excited about the idea of bringing new life to campus,” says Tong. “My only concern was whether planting trees would sound too technical, manual, or unfamiliar and boring to the students. Then it occurred to me that if we let them plant their wishes too, it would [make] the idea of planting and growing trees a lot more personal and exciting.”

From letters to loved ones lost to thoughts about the upcoming semester, wishes ranged from hopes for personal growth to Bryn Mawr experiences. “I made a wish for the benefit of all the members of the Bryn Mawr community,” says Faith Westdorp ’14.

The four trees are located along the newly finished pathway between Rockefeller and Carpenter. According to Assistant Director of Facilities Services for Grounds Operations Ed Harman, two will be replacing the Class of ’36 and ’37 class trees, which were in such decline that they were not expected to survive another season. The other two were planted for standard reforestation of the campus. All the new trees are expected to be in full bloom in the spring.

This event was part of the student service project portion of the College’s submission to Tree Campus USA. Last year, students organized a tree-labeling event, in which students helped install new labels for the trees with QR-codes that link to the online information (PDF) about each tree on campus.

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