Carrie Wofford ’89 on “Why You Should Consider a Women’s College”

Posted October 31st, 2013 at 2:39 pm.

Carrie Wofford ’89,  a Democratic strategist who served as a senior counsel in the Senate and a policy aide in the Clinton White House and in the Labor Department under Robert Reich, has written an opinion piece for U.S. News and World Report titled “Why You Should Consider a Women’s College.”

From the piece:

“Studies also show that students at women’s colleges are much more likely to earn PhDs than are their counterparts at coed colleges. And they are dozens of times more likely to stick with math and hard science studies than women who attend coed colleges. Not twice as likely to stick with it but dozens of times more likely. Nobody knows why, but the vast majority of women who enter coed colleges thinking they will major in math or chemistry or some other hard science drop out of those fields (as compared to the “soft sciences” such as  sociology and psychology). In contrast, women stick with those studies in women’s colleges, and go on to careers in those fields. Something is going on in the classrooms at coed colleges to discourage women from math and sciences; or something supportive is happening in women’s college classrooms that coed schools may need to take a look at.”

Wofford is a veteran of many presidential and Senate campaigns, and has worked as a lawyer at WilmerHale and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit. Follow her on Twitter at @Carrie_Wofford.

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