Alumnae Association Expands its Career Services

Posted September 5th, 2013 at 2:27 pm.

AA LogoJust a few short years ago, Megan Roudebush ’02 was working at Moody’s Investors Services, rating municipal bonds. But the recently minted J.D./M.B.A., a peace and conflict studies major who describes herself as “passionate” about regulatory compliance, had her heart set on work that helped clients navigate the complex national and international laws and regulations governing the world of finance.

As she began contemplating how to land her dream job, she turned to Bryn Mawr, taking advantage of the webinars offered by the Alumnae Association’s Career Services program. The webinars provided her with solid, relevant, and timely advice – and her introduction to Cori Ashworth.

“I didn’t even know I wanted a career consultant, but Cori was kind enough to follow up with me,” Roudebush explains.

A 20-year veteran of career counseling, Ashworth came to Bryn Mawr as a consultant in 2011, when the Alumnae Association launched a pilot program to provide enhanced career services to its members. This summer, she joined the College full time.

In Ashworth’s first year, the Alumnae Association’s Career Services put together an array of offerings that include regional and club programming, one-on-one counseling, email support, an on-campus summer institute for women returning to work, and virtual resources including a well-received series of webinars for job-seekers and seasoned professionals, freelancers, and career changers.

Ashworth’s first webinar, “You’ve Gotta Have a Gang,” focused on developing and sustaining strategic relationships.

“I loved that as a kick-off because Mawrters are incredibly strong in the support they give to each other,” says Ashworth. “ And the intellect! We’ve got a smart group of women here with a lot of information and experiences to share. So in that program, we invited everyone to realize that, just sitting there with each other, they had a networking opportunity.”

Additional webinars have focused on everything from the basics of resume writing, interviewing, and using LinkedIn to more advanced tips on networking, how to create your brand, and tips for growing in the position you already have.

For Roudebush, Ashworth’s assistance, coupled with Bryn Mawr’s powerful network, proved invaluable.

Not only did Ashworth help Roudebush clarify her options throughout the job hunt, but also activated the College’s network, sending her to Bryn Mawr CFO John Griffith, whose own contact – a fellow Mawrter – led to an interview with a New York hedge fund.  “My search was so dynamic,” Roudebush recalls. “I was literally blow-drying my hair for the interview with the hedge fund when Deloitte called with offer.”

Roudebush turned to Ashworth to help her evaluate her options – the hedge fund or Deloitte – as well as navigating the critical negotiations over salary.  “Cori is very knowledgeable but what really stands out is her style,” she says. “She is very good at eliciting what you’re looking for, she asks the right questions, and she is willing to reach out to people in her network and get you to reach out to your own network.”

Roudebush’s job hunt had a happy ending: now working as a manager in Deloitte’s governance regulatory risk strategy group, she has landed her dream job.

Now that she’s on campus full time, Ashworth will continue to offer all these programs and services while expanding hours for one-on-one coaching and working to engage alumnae in student programming.

The Alumnae Association’s Career Services offerings are just one facet in Bryn Mawr’s broad-based commitment to providing high-level career guidance to Mawrters of all generations. In August, the College welcomed Katie Krimmel as the associate dean for the newly launched Leadership, Innovation, and the Liberal Arts Center (LILAC), a signature element of “Today’s Learning for Tomorrow’s Lives” in the Plan for Bryn Mawr.

Krimmel, who comes to Bryn Mawr from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, is responsible for integrating the current Civic Engagement Office and Career and Professional Development to provide a comprehensive array of offerings designed to enhance career pathways for students. Working closely with Interim Provost Mary Osirim and faculty, she will also develop ways for the Center to support curricular initiatives, form connections between academic coursework and Center activities, and expand support for the Praxis program.

“I have learned so much from faculty and staff about the exemplary educational opportunities that are already happening at Bryn Mawr in my first few weeks on campus,” says Krimmel. “I am excited to build on those foundations and launch a center focused on the personal development of the students and alumnae. I look forward to working with Cori Ashworth, the Alumnae Association, and the Career and Professional Development staff to provide the highest quality of services and networking opportunities to the entire Bryn Mawr community.”

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