GSSWSR Professor Dana Becker’s New Book on Stress Makes Headlines

Posted March 14th, 2013 at 11:21 am.

beckerGSSWSR Professor Dana Becker is making lots of news with her new book “One Nation Under Stress.” Becker has an opinion piece in Time, a review in the New Republic, and she was interviewed on NPR’s “All Things Considered.” In addition, influential blogger Andrew Sullivan picked up on the New Republic review.

From the New Republic:

Then again, Becker is plenty worked up throughout this book, and refreshingly so—intelligent anger is essentially extinct in today’s public sphere. Her primary objection is to our “elevating stress to the status of an actual disease,” which “has helped us avoid tackling larger social problems.” Not only are we all too ready to diagnose stress, Becker says, but then we revel in it, because it “mingles a certain pride in the fast pace of life with worry about its effects.”

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