BMC Noyce Scholars Talk About Teaching Experiences

Posted February 21st, 2013 at 10:55 am.

The Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program is funded by the National Science Foundation and seeks to encourage talented science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) majors and professionals to become K-12 mathematics and science teachers. At the end of this academic year, the first three Bryn Mawr Noyce scholars will graduate.

Did you have a favorite high school math or science teacher? What do you remember about them and what would you like to emulate?

Tasnim Aziz ’13 from Wallingford, Pa: “I had many wonderful high school teachers. The ones that I often hung out with, literally, were the ones who listened to my concerns and treated me like a human being. They were very mindful of how non-school related factors can affect the student’s ability to learn. To quote my best-friend-teacher from high school, ‘Much of learning happens outside the classroom,’ and I live by that. I try to take what I learned in class and use it in real life.”

Hannah Weinstein ’13 from Wynnewood, Pa: “I really appreciated my high school physics teacher. I remember that she would teach us the basics of a concept in a very understandable and intuitive way that provoked deep understanding, and then let us loose on hard problems, only giving us help when we asked. I understand that this wouldn’t work well for everyone, but it was great for my learning style.”

Dorothy Shu ’13 from Yardville, Nj: “My 12th grade calculus teacher. When I had questions on a topic/homework/review sheet before an exam, I would email her right away. She would respond back to me and inform me at the end of her email that if I had any other questions to please let her know. In addition, sometimes I could even meet with her early in the morning before school began. By going to her for help, I have witnessed her dedication to her students, which has had a very positive impact on me.”

Have you done any student teaching  and what was that experience like?

Aziz: “I was a tutor from middle school to high school for high-needs schools and, after coming to college, I continued to pursue my love for learning by interacting with others by joining the Mentoring and Student Teaching Program. I have also done field placements for my education courses. I was a teaching assistant for Bryn Mawr’s Intro Bio Lab, where I met a mentor who really helped me discover my love for teaching. So, really, I should be thanking him for even applying for Noyce because he was the last person who pushed me out of the nest.”

Weinstein: “I have spent time in three different schools so far as part of my education classes Praxis component. I would generally circulate around the classrooms and help students with work, as well as observe lessons and tutor one-on-one. It’s a treck to get out to Philly, but the experience is always great and invigorating.”

Shu: “I have always been part of the Bryn Mawr education program since my freshman year, so that is where I began my time in the classroom. Currently, I am completing the education minor, which requires five hours of placement per week. I found this opportunity where I could start having a more active role in the classroom. I have been helping my host teacher by providing feedback with what I see in her classroom and helping her students who need extra help. I am also a teaching assistant in the mathematics department where I am able to work with my college peers.”

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