Chemistry Professor Michelle Francl Takes on “Chemophobia” in Slate Article

Posted February 14th, 2013 at 3:50 pm.

mfranclIn the Slate article, “Don’t Take Medical Advice From the New York Times Magazine: The Dangerous Chemophobia Behind its Popular Story About Childhood Arthritis,” Bryn Mawr Professor of Chemistry Michelle Francl points out the possible dangers of benignly named alternative medicines.

Francl’s article created a lot of buzz online, with more than 6,500 Facebook “likes” and nearly 1,500 comments on the Slate website.

From the article:

“As a chemist, a teacher, and a parent, I think (and blog) a lot about how to immunize people against chemophobia. It’s not because I want to keep chemical companies in business, but because I want to keep my students and friends from being duped into using chemicals that are unsafe, whatever their source.”

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