Symposium Looks Beyond the Legacy of Oil

Posted January 31st, 2013 at 1:22 pm.

Students in the 360° Course ClusterThe Transforming Legacy of Oil”  organized a symposium on Jan. 18, featuring a multi-disciplinary lineup of professionals discussing the impact of oil.

The symposium, titled “Flourishing Beyond the Legacy of Oil,” opened with remarks by Professor of Growth and Structure of Cities Carola Hein. Student-moderated sessions focused on the issues of oil and energy in the 21st century discussed throughout the semester.

In the afternoon Design Exercise session, speakers and attendees were assigned to one of six planning teams and asked to create a practical vision of Philadelphia flourishing beyond the legacy of oil.

Eleven students from the 360° course presented whitepapers  on the research they conducted throughout the semester. Additional symposium presentations, poster sessions, and multimedia are available on the right hand menu of the symposium web page.

The symposium was the culmination of the “Transforming Legacy of Oil” course cluster, which included Associate Professor of Economics David Ross’ course “Taming the Modern Corporation,” Hein’s course, “Topics in Modern Architecture: The Global Architecture of Oil,” and Library Director and History Professor Elliot Shore’s course, “The Legacy of Penn’s Oil.”

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