Creative Writing’s Elizabeth Mosier ’84 Writes About College Application Essays in The Philadelphia Inquirer

Posted October 16th, 2012 at 4:26 pm.

libbymosier2_000In the Oct. 14 Philadelphia Inquirer article “Oh, those onerous college essays,” Elizabeth Mosier ’84 gives advice to parents and students anguishing over the college application essay.

From the article:
“Most of our worry is aimed at the application essay because, as admissions reps cheerfully reassure us at every info session, it offers the best opportunity for our children to stand out from other applicants in the pile. And because by October of senior year, with 61/2 semesters and a few score reports on their official records, it’s the part of the application they still control.

“Or could control if only they’d respond to our nagging and begging and just write the final draft already before, out of panic and impatience, we hire a college consultant to get it done.”

Mosier is a lecturer in Bryn Mawr’s Creative Writing Program. Her latest work is The Playgroup, a 2011 novella published as part of Gemma Media’s “Open Door” series.

For more about Mosier, visit her website.

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