English Professor Katherine Rowe’s Shakespeare App for iPad Featured in The Atlantic

Posted October 2nd, 2012 at 3:41 pm.

The Sept. 28 article “Why a 17th-Century Text is the Perfect Starting Point for Reinventing the Book” in The Atlantic looks at an iPad app co-developed by Bryn Mawr English Professor Katherine Rowe that brings Shakespeare’s “The Tempest” into the digital era.

From the article:
“The features of their Tempest app go far, far beyond search. Readers can listen to actors perform the script (and the text will scroll along as they do). For key passages, they can compare a set of alternative theatrical interpretations. They can see expert commentaries embedded in the text’s margins. Teachers can leave their own comments and questions for their students. Students can respond, ask questions, and chat about the text. It is a fully realized digital book, an embodiment of a pedagogy that values interaction between a reader and an author and among readers themselves.”

To see a video of the app in action, go to this April 2012 Bryn Mawr Now post.

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