SmartMoney Focuses on Bryn Mawr for Article About Generous Aid Packages Offered by Liberal Arts Colleges

Posted September 13th, 2012 at 3:43 pm.

A recent article in SmartMoney about the generous aid packages often offered by private liberal arts colleges focuses on Nicole Barker, an “aspiring Egyptologist from Evanston, Ill.,” who was accepted by both Bryn Mawr and the seemingly much less expansive University of Illinois.

From the article:

“The aspiring Egyptologist from Evanston, Ill., had gotten into the University of Illinois — and her top private choice, Bryn Mawr, had a sticker price of $56,000 a year. But Bryn Mawr counterpunched, offering almost $29,000 a year in loan-free aid. That made the total cost comparable with what Illinois charged — even at in-state rates. ‘We were surprised, and thrilled,’ says Nicole’s mother, Danielle Schultz.”

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