Bryn Mawr Welcomes New Banter Bloggers

Posted September 13th, 2012 at 1:20 pm.

The Communications Office is pleased to welcome nine student bloggers as part of the Bryn Mawr Banter program. Throughout the 2012-13 academic year they will be sharing their unique experiences while a student at Bryn Mawr College.

Banter bloggers provide a glimpse into the everyday lives of current Bryn Mawrters. What it’s like to live in a Bryn Mawr dorm or what the college community is like, how a Mawrter balances being an athlete with studying or what students do on the weekends, what all those traditions are about or how it feels to be thousands of miles away from family, or anything else that only a student can really tell you, these are the subject matters of Bryn Mawr Banter.

Diverse in terms of geography, academic interests, career aspirations, and other variables, the 2012-13 Banter Bloggers are:

Muna Aghaalnemer ’13

Ingrid Asplund ’14

Amanda Beardall ’14

Lindsey Crowe ’14

Luciana Fortes ’13

Ivy Gray-Klein ’14

Kristie Oh ’15

Hannah Smith ’14

Esteniolla Maitre ’15

But blogging isn’t the only way these students stay connected; Banter bloggers will be sharing their real-time experiences through Twitter, photos through Instagram and Flickr, and even videos through YouTube.

Already Banter bloggers are talking about their study abroad experiences studying sustainability in Denmark, beginning their senior years, embracing grandparenthood and customs grandchildren, making personal and positive choices, reminiscing about Bryn Mawr soccer preseason,  starting a 360 cluster on “Women in Walled Communities,” and adjusting to campus life as a sophomore.

All information about the Banter bloggers, including links to blogs and Twitter feeds, can be found on the Bryn Mawr Banter page of the College’s website. The Banter bloggers all share a willingness to communicate the highlights and struggles of their daily lives with visitors. Readers are welcome to comment on blogs and follow Banter bloggers on Twitter. Feel free to join the conversation.

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