Bryn Mawr Geology Team’s Experiment in NASA’s Reduced Gravity Flight Program Chronicled in New Video

Posted September 13th, 2012 at 1:23 pm.

As we reported in July, a team of six geology majors and their faculty adviser, Assistant Professor Selby Cull, were in Houston this summer taking part in NASA’s Reduced Gravity Education Flight Program, in which student researchers are able to do experiments in near-zero gravity aboard a specially modified Boeing 727 that’s been dubbed “The Vomit Comet.”

Making up the team were Alice Clark ’12, Simona Clausnitzer ’14, Hannah Gatz-Miller ’12, Christina Lee ’12, Danyelle Phillips ’14, Mary Schultz ’12, and Anna Woodson ’12. Woodson was unable to travel to Houston.

We now have video of their adventure! The below video was edited by Cull from footage provided by NASA. Make sure you watch the entire thing or you might miss the first-ever “Anassa Kata” in simulated space.

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