Move-In Day for Bryn Mawr’s Class of 2016

Posted August 30th, 2012 at 2:13 pm.

The Class of 2016 officially arrived on campus Wednesday on a picture perfect day.

With the help of customspeople, parents, family, and friends, members of the Class of 2016 unloaded from their vehicles boxes and bags stuffed with everything from cleaning supplies to high-tech electronics; carted everything up flights of stairs or along winding paths; and started setting up their new homes at Bryn Mawr. The Class of 2016 met roommates and other new possible life-long friends while parents proudly took photos and helped make beds and set up rooms.

In addition to checking into their residence halls, members of the Class of 2016 took informal tours, met with their deans, had lunch at Erdman Dining Hall, and were even able to cool off with water ice served up by Bryn Mawr President Jane McAuliffe and members of the admissions staff.

For photos from the day, see below or go to the online gallery.

The day ended with an assembly in Goodhart Hall at which McAuliffe addressed the class along with Customs Co-Heads Kersti Francis ’13 and Sarah Ann Jordan ’13, SGA President Vrinda Varia ’13, Dean of the Undergraduate College Michele Rasmussen, and Dean of Admissions Laurie Koehler.

McAuliffe told the class that while at Bryn Mawr they’d not just master a particular subject but that they would “learn to think for yourself, and learn to read or hear something and not just take it at face value; as they say these days, ‘to interrogate.’ To ask the questions that let you get behind the statements and see how they are structured and supported.”

She continued, “You’ll learn to solve problems and to work collaboratively. You’ll learn to be comfortable with complexity and ambiguity. You’ll learn to talk and to write. You’ll learn to stand up and present a clear and persuasive argument, and learn how to put that argument down on paper. This skill set will create what I like to call your ‘intellectual insurance’ against obsolescence. It is a multidimensional education anchored in a broad multidisciplinary base. It is all about learning how to learn so that you’re going to be prepared to tackle the questions in years to come that have yet to be imagined and certainly have yet to be asked.”

Remaining students arrive on campus this weekend. The 2012-13 academic year begins on Sept. 4. Fall convocation will be held at 4:30 p.m. in Goodhart Hall, followed by a “South of the Border” picnic on Wyndham Green.

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