Creative Writing’s Elizabeth Mosier ’84 Writes About Caring for Aging Parents in The Philadelphia Inquirer

Posted August 14th, 2012 at 11:32 am.

libbymosier2_000In the August 13 Philadelphia Inquirer article “Rethinking Life’s Priorities,” Elizabeth Mosier ’84 writes about the unexpected aspects of her role as “a fulcrum between developing kids and declining parents.”

From the article:
“Maybe because my grandparents died when my parents (and I) were young, I didn’t know how a longer life curve could change all of our lives – practically, emotionally and financially. I’m disappointed in the cornucopia of medications that don’t cure disease but only treat conditions – in Marjorie’s case, blood clots caused by chemotherapy and blood thinners that could prolong but not necessarily improve her life. And I’m heartbroken to discover that nursing her is not simply the act of love I’d imagined, but rather, a task requiring professionals licensed to dispense painkillers.”

Mosier is a lecturer in Bryn Mawr’s Creative Writing Program. Her latest work is The Playgroup, a 2011 novella published as part of Gemma Media’s “Open Door” series.

For more about Mosier, visit her website.

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