2012 Staff Awards Presented At Staff Picnic

Posted June 21st, 2012 at 11:10 am.

President Jane McAuliffe and Human Resources Director Joe Bucci presented the 2012 McPherson Awards for excellence and service to three members of the College’s staff at the staff-appreciation picnic earlier this month. A fourth staff member was recognized for environmental stewardship with the Newberry Award.


The McPherson Awards:

Hessie Gause of housekeeping won the award in the service and craft category. A nominator wrote: “Hessie is charged with ensuring that the thousands of visitors here each year—mostly prospective students and their family members and guardians—have a great first impression of Bryn Mawr College. Her attention to detail is tremendous. Hessie is an incredibly positive, warm and caring colleague. She is truly deserving of an award that honors her commitment to Bryn Mawr College.”

Lee Brown, payroll coordinator for the College, won the award in the clerical and technical category. “Lee is a valuable and highly competent member of the Bryn Mawr Community. Lee addresses financial concerns with ease, especially when filing taxes, submitting a late time sheet and dealing with everyday paperwork. Lee is an extremely dedicated worker and a wonderful person to know. She makes everyone feel welcomed at all times. She goes above and beyond the call of duty. Her collaborative spirit, ‘can-do’ attitude, problem solving skills and generosity make her an excellent choice for the McPherson Award,” wrote nominators.

Rose Bochansky, technical director of Goodhart Theater, won the award in the administrative and professional category. One of her nominators wrote, “Rose works with the Theater Program, Dance Program, the Performing Art Series, Conference and Events, Admissions, the President’s office and outside groups. Rose manages to do it with long hours, good humor and a lot of skill. She is the point person for making sure that all of the performance spaces are technically up and ready for the vast and diverse populations. Under all conditions, Rose remains calm, helpful, and remarkably creative when faced with challenges. As an alumna and talented tech director, it is her great respect for the College as well as her skill, intelligence, and work ethic, that fuel her excellent work and make her a more than worthy candidate for the McPherson Award.”

The Newberry Award

Jim McGaffin, associate director of facilities services, was presented the Newberry Award, which is given annually to a member of the College’s staff who “best embodies the spirit of the College’s Green Plan by putting its principles into practice in the workplace.” McGaffin earned the honor for his role in the math senior capstone course “Math Modeling and Sustainability,” and the Praxis component of “360°: Perspectives on Sustainability.” He advised students on the large scale campus switch to LED lighting and helped develop a building-by-building sustainability study.

The College also recognized the following staff members for their years of service to the College:

45 Years Val Powell
30 Years Wendell Coleman, Lyne Harmon, Bill McKenna, Mark Watson, Rich Willard
25 Years Jeremy Blatchley, Ralph Del Giudice, Steve Green, Kay Kerr
20 Years Lillian Amadio, Judy Balthazar, Kimberly DiGiovanni, Cecil Gandy, James Kent, Christine Purkiss, Al Thomas
15 Years Wellesley Beckford, David Bertagni, Paul Dolhancryk, Elizabeth Latham, Steve Magee, Dan Marks, Jim McDevitt, Niki Moleski, Elliott Shore, Linda ten Boom, Ellen Trantas
10 Years Lisa Camma, David Chase, Richard Clow, David Consiglio, Ethel Desmarais, Christine Eigenbrot, Elaine Gaspare, Friday Gbapaywhea, Sheila Gillin, Sally Harrison, Doug Hasbrouck, Anthony Johnson, Dianne Johnson, Reggie Jones, Pat Labricciosa, Kathleen Lawler, Diane McLaughlin, Polan Mitchell, Patricia O’Donnell, Rhiain Rice, Jenny Rickard, Peggy Robinson, Bryn Thompson
5 Years Kordell Alexander, Lee Brown, Katie Feno, Stefan Froloshki, Carolyn Gertz, Bryan Jackson, Ann Klingensmith, Joanne Maleno, Jacob Mullins, Cynthia Njie, Trish Rutecki, David Schlich, Terry Small, Susan Starke, Annemarie Thompson, Morgan Wallhagen , Patricia Wilkins, Christa Williams, Mike Williams, Colin Yeates
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