Philadelphia Inquirer Looks at Shakespeare iPad App Developed by BMC’s Katherine Rowe

Posted May 3rd, 2012 at 2:25 pm.

In this article, The Philadelphia Inquirer takes note of an iPad app that Bryn Mawr Professor of English Katherine Rowe helped develop. This interactive edition of Shakespeare’s The Tempest offers expert annotations, readings by actors, and the ability to share your own notes—or just the text, if you prefer.

From the article:
“This app is, for one thing, an e-book, a carefully edited text of the play you can read just as in a book, 1616- or 1990-style. It’s also a multimedia experience that (if you want) can bring in audio of performances, including—very cool—alternative performances of some passages. And it includes expert commentary by scholars, artists, designers, and actors; notes; and a social-media connection, through which you can share impressions with other readers. All for $13.99 on iTunes or Apple’s app store.”

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