On Alumnae Association Trip, Barbara Ruttenburg ’57 Is Quoted in A.P. Article on Toursim in Myanmar

Posted March 29th, 2012 at 2:38 pm.

This March 22 Associated Press article on increased tourism in Myanmar quotes Barbara Ruttenburg ’57, who was traveling as part of trip sponsored by the Alumnae Association. For more about the Alumnae Association’s travel program, visit its website.

From the article:
“There are so few places left that haven’t been taken over by McDonald’s and Western customs,” said Ruttenberg, of Providence, Rhode Island, on a tour with 20 other alumnae from Bryn Mawr college that was planned almost a year ago. A world traveler who has visited 44 countries, she had always wanted to see Myanmar but wouldn’t have come while the junta still ruled.

“This was a dream deferred,” said Ruttenberg, who turned 75 this month. “I gave it to myself as a birthday present. My kids wanted to throw me a party. I said, ‘Forget the Party, I’m going to Burma.'”

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