Move Into Guild by Deans and Other Student-Support Offices Tops List of Winter-Break Changes

Posted January 12th, 2012 at 5:16 pm.

Need to see your dean?

Go to Guild.

Housing issue?

Go to Guild.

Need to find out about study abroad?

Go to Guild.

Several changes have occurred on Bryn Mawr’s campus over the break, but none will be as profound as the consolidation of many of the offices that serve students into the revamped Eugenia Chase Guild Hall.

See photos of the new Guild in the slideshow above or on Flickr.

“Unlike Taylor Hall, Guild is fully accessible. Students and visitors with mobility issues, for example, can use the ADA-compliant main entrance way and elevator to see an academic dean,” says Dean of the Undergraduate College Michele Rasmussen. “While not all of the Dean’s Office staff are in Guild [Intercultural Affairs and the CEO remain on Cambrian Row and the Health Center has remained where it is] the centralization of the deans, Residential Life, Student Activities, International Programs, Student Access Services and the academic-support and learning-resources specialist in one building will not only be convenient for students but also will facilitate more frequent conversations and collaboration among Dean’s Office staff.”

A representative of Student Administrative Support is also housed in Guild to serve current students with issues and questions pertaining to tuition bills and payments, financial aid, transcripts, and enrollment verifications.

“All of these changes are about putting the student at the center of what we do,” says Rasmussen. “Rather than make students run around campus for these things, we’ve created a hub where they can take care of just about everything they need.”

The renovation of Guild began in the spring of 2011 after the new plan for the building was announced in September 2010. While there are still a few finishing touches remaining to be done, about 25 staff members from various campus locations moved into the building over the winter break.

Guild’s previous tenants, a handful of Information Services personnel, have moved to Canaday and other locations on campus as work continues on consolidating that department into Canaday.

Other office moves that occurred over the break include the College’s Communications Office and the Student Financial Services Office swapping places in the Benham Gateway building to consolidate the Student Financial Services staff onto one floor and accommodate staffing changes in Communications. Student Financial Services is now on the second floor and Communications on the third.

Benham also saw the departure of the Institutional Research Office, which is now on the second floor of Taylor.

The college’s Web Services office has moved from the third floor of Canaday to a previously unfinished space in Bettws-Y-Coed.

There was also some minor renovation and painting done in Thomas Hall. The renovation work has allowed the office of the dean of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences to move back into Thomas after being temporarily housed in Cambrian Row.

“It’s been like a set of dominoes across campus with all these different departments,” says Bryn Mawr Architect Joseph Marra. “The schedules were really intense and everything was keyed off of the move into Guild.”

The renovation of Guild, which was originally the College’s computing center, was by far the most extensive of the changes, says Marra.

“Guild was designed more to handle equipment than people so it’s been a really a big change from a use-of-space standpoint. There had to be work done on the building’s systems in addition to the renovation work,” Marra says.

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