CNN Asks Bryn Mawr’s Jonathan Lanning to Grade Presidential Candidates on Understanding of Econ 101

Posted November 10th, 2011 at 1:08 pm.

Jonathan LanningCNN Money asked Bryn Mawr Assistant Professor Jonathan Lanning and several other economics professors whether, on the basis of their campaign positions, the current crop of presidential hopefuls would get a passing grade in an Econ 101 class.

While the candidates’ rhetoric may make for good soundbites, their analysis and understanding of key economic principles wouldn’t cut it in most classrooms, replied the professors.

From the article:
“There are so many economic ‘misstatements’ being made,” said Jonathan Lanning, a professor at Bryn Mawr who is teaching two introductory economics classes this semester. “And it isn’t confined to any one candidate.”

Lanning couldn’t be sure any of the candidates would fail his Econ 101 class, but he did say they wouldn’t survive moving up to 200-level classes next semester.

“I can say that none of the rationales for various policies that I have heard display a basic 200-level understanding of key economic concepts,” he said.

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