Julia Ferraioli ’07 Named “Geek of the Week” by GeekWire

Posted August 5th, 2011 at 2:56 pm.

Photo courtesy of GeekWire

Photo courtesy of GeekWire

Julia Ferraioli ’07 was named “Geek of the Week” by the website GeekWire.

Geekiness to me means loving the details of … anything! You can be a music geek who loves music theory, or software geek who wants to know exactly how your robot can run on top of Python. If you love digging into <x>, then you’re a <x> geek,” Ferraioli told GeekWire.

Geekiest thing she’s ever done? She cites an aerial robotics competition she entered while she was at Bryn Mawr.

Since graduating from Bryn Mawr, Ferraioli, has worked at Microsoft and earned a masters in computer science from the University of Rochester.

“The faculty in Bryn Mawr’s computer science department are a fantastic combination of researcher, educator and mentor,” said Ferraioli when we asked about her time at Bryn Mawr. “Not only did they impart in-depth knowledge of key concepts in computer science, but they advocated for the students by finding or creating opportunities for us to excel. I started taking computer science courses because I was good at them; I kept studying because the professors showed me the beauty in the science.

“Studying computer science at a women’s college meant that I could concentrate on learning instead of being the representative of a gender. Gender became irrelevant instead of being something that defined me. The open and accepting environment allowed me to gain knowledge, confidence and experience that I believe is a defining characteristic of a Bryn Mawr education.”

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