Bryn Mawr’s April 1 Announcement Goes Viral

Posted April 1st, 2011 at 1:16 pm.

Word of Bryn Mawr’s partnership with the Bithnian University of Science and Technology has been tweeted and retweeted and is spreading like wildfire. News of the first-of-its kind collaboration has made it into the Huffington Post, Inside Higher Ed, and a number of other websites and blogs including the blog for NPR’s Fresh Air.

Update: According to data from Google Analytics, the College’s April Fool’s Day initiative drove more visitors to the College website than any effort since we began using Analytics to track visits. And it wasn’t just the April 1 homepage and the associated stories that saw increases in visitors — other important pages did, too.

On April 1, the total number of homepage pageviews was 35,668, more than twice the amount of the previous highest number of views. Nearly two-thirds of homepage views were from off-campus visitors (23,100 views).

The total number of off-campus visits was 26,226, more than six times the daily average of 4,345 off-campus visits. Of this total, 76 percent were new visitors to BMC website. That means that about 19,900 people who had never before visited were introduced to Bryn Mawr’s site.

“Spillover Effect” of April Fool’s Day effort

A closer look at the data indicates that these visitors did not only look at the April Fool’s Day information. They also visited other parts of the BMC site— most significantly, the academics, admissions, and student-life sections.

On April 1, the homepage had 23,100 views; 10.6 times the daily average for March of 2,172 (not so surprising, given that part of the “prank” was on the homepage). However, other landing pages, not associated with the AFD effort, also received many more visits than usual:

  • Traffic to the “Academics” page went up 101 percent
  • Visits to the “Admissions and Financial Aid”  page increased 72 percent
  • Visits to the “Student Life” increased 120 percent

Karine Joly, editor of, summed it up when she tweeted to her 1,400 followers: “Funny and on message — VERY SMART RT @mStonerblog: Bryn Mawr now preparing women to lead intergalactically (” Joly she was retweeting Michael Stoner, one of the leading higher-ed communications and web-design consultants, who also has about 1,400 Twitter followers.

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