Interactive Map Shows Global Reach of Bryn Mawr Faculty Research, With More to Come

Posted September 9th, 2010 at 3:46 pm.

A screenshot of the "Bryn Mawr in the World" map

A screenshot of the "Bryn Mawr in the World" map

Today, Bryn Mawr College is launching “Bryn Mawr in the World,” an interactive map designed to give visitors to the College’s website a quickly comprehensible, visual representation of the College’s global reach, with links to further information about Bryn Mawr’s international connections.

The version of the map being released today focuses on faculty research, highlighting several faculty members’ scholarship abroad. The featured faculty members will rotate on a regular basis. Additional information about the international reach of students and alumnae of the College will be added soon.

The information about faculty research was collected by the President’s Office with help from Associate Professor of Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology Peter Magee, who serves as the special assistant to the president for international educational initiatives. It is being kept in a database administered by the Provost’s Office.

“The map represents the true global reach of Bryn Mawr College in terms of faculty research and teaching,” says Magee. “Future additions will highlight the locations of alumnae, study-abroad opportunities, international internships, and the origins of our students. The latter is especially worth celebrating this year, in which over a quarter of our incoming class are international students.”

The map is studded with thumbnail photos of 19 faculty members that are visually linked to countries where they have significant research projects or associations. Mousing over a photo reveals the name of the professor and a country where she or he has a research connection; clicking on it opens a box with a brief description of the research interest, with a link to the faculty member’s webpage. A more-comprehensive list of research connections, organized by geographic region, is available in a downloadable PDF.

The map is linked from the navigation in the “About Us” section of the College’s website. College Communications is consulting with several departments and offices on campus to determine other locations on the Bryn Mawr site where links to the map might be appropriate.

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