Former Kaleidoscope Program Does a 360˚

Posted September 2nd, 2010 at 4:03 pm.

About 360˚About 360˚ (downloadable PDF)

As part of Bryn Mawr’s 125th-anniversary celebration, the College is offering a collection of courses this semester in biology, education, English,  and history, as well as a course offered by the Growth and Structure of Cities program on community mural projects. This group of courses is the first offered as part of a program newly designated “360˚.”

When the offering was announced in April of last year, it was done so as part of a pilot program then tentatively called “Kaleidoscope.” The program was conceived to connect multiple courses, their students and faculty in a single semester (or in some cases across contiguous semesters) through common issues, themes, and experiences for the purposes of research and scholarship.

“Kaleidoscope is the name of a student literary magazine, as well as the science organization Project Kaleidoscope, so we knew it wouldn’t stay and have marked the name as temporary in talking about the program all along,” says Cassidy.

“We were all very enthusiastic about the concept and having a cluster of courses that tied into the College’s 125th, so we didn’t want to hold off on getting the program started just because there wasn’t agreement about the name.”

360˚ was chosen as a name that is distinctive, succinctly captures the nature of the concept, and could be easily worked into various cluster descriptions.

“Each course cluster will be called a 360°. So you have ‘360˚: Changing Education’ this semester and ‘360˚: Vienna 1900 in the spring,’ says Cassidy.

Download the above PDF To learn more about 360˚.

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