Staff Members Honored at Picnic

Posted June 24th, 2010 at 2:14 pm.

Bryn Mawr College President Jane McAuliffe (right center) with 2010 McPherson Award Winners (from left) Sally Allison, Vanessa Christman, and Dawn Bruton.

Bryn Mawr College President Jane McAuliffe (right center) with 2010 McPherson Award Winners (from left) Sally Allison, Vanessa Christman, and Dawn Bruton.

President Jane McAuliffe and Human Resources Director Joe Bucci presented the 2010 McPherson Awards for Excellence and Service to three members of the College’s staff at the staff-appreciation picnic earlier this month. A fourth staff member was recognized for environmental stewardship with the Newberry Award.

The McPherson Awards:

Vanessa Christman, associate director of the Office of Intercultural Affairs, won the award in the administrative/professional category. One of Christman’s nominators wrote: “Through her work with various programs across campus, Vanessa acts as an ambassador of the Multicultural Center, strengthening the community’s connection to one another through her example of open-mindedness and hospitality.”

Housekeeper Dawn Bruton won the award in the service/craft category. Nominators wrote of Bruton that she is “vibrant, enthusiastic and genuine in her concern for others” and that she has dedicated herself to making the College a “home away from home” for the students in her dorm, many of whom keep in touch with Bruton even after they graduate.

The Bookshop’s Sally Allison received the award in the clerical/technical category. As the buyer for the Bookshop, Allison’s “attention to detail and to customer service is wonderful,” wrote one nominator. Over the years, Allison has worked in many capacities on the Staff Association, including terms as co-president, treasurer, secretary, board representative, and CT representative. “It is largely due to her that the Staff Association still exists,” wrote one nominator, who added, “Sally embodies all the great qualities that we value at Bryn Mawr College—intelligence, integrity, hard work, and compassion.”

The Newberry Award

Associate Director of Dining Services Dave Chase received the Newberry Award. A nominator cited Chase as a catlyst in BMCDS’s switch to unbleached paper napkins, significant increase in the use of local and organic foods, conversion of spent fryer oil into biodeisel now used by the College’s fleet, and creation of a small organic herb garden, among other efforts. Chase has also “organized local food events … to educate the community about the importance to the environment of supporting local sustainable agriculture,” a nominator said.

The College also recognized the following staff members for their years of service to the college:

40 Years John Dooley
30 Years Michael Enright, Nancy Kirby
25 Years John Amoriello, Marilyn Henkelman, Lorraine Kirschner, Carrise Mangano, Lillie Morgan, Douglas Shaw, Vicent Ward
20 Years Debra Chadwick, Susan Chaplick, Ann Diaz-Barriga, Julianne Shea, Carole Steiner, Jan Trembley
15 Years Donald Abramowitz, Oliva Cardona, Don Carroll, Bernie Chung-Templeton, Pamela Cohen, Mary Ann Maleno, Harold Maryea, Marty Mastacusa, Madge Rothenberg, Sheila Tatum, Charles White
10 Years Andrew Bilotta, Marian Brill, Dorothy Briscoe, Joseph Bucci, Dolores Burdo, Ephi Dardashti, Ann Marie Eccles, Deborah Grant, Jodi Jacoby, Patricia Lausch, Maureen McGonigle, Liz Morris, Marge Pyle, Janet Scannell, Pamela Smith, Karen Smith-Mason, Tijana Stefanovic, David Sturgis, Cynthia Washington, Vera Whyte, Arleen Zimmerle
5 Years Dana Bitetti, Vanessa Christman, Leslie Crutchfield, Genny Dunne, Michael Ennis, Donna Harris, Georgia Harris, Staci Heindel, Shobhana Kanal, Elizabeth Latham, Teri Lobo, Christopher MacDonald-Dennis, Camilla MacKay, Amy Mayer, Jill McElligott, Anne Marie McElwee, Beth McGowan, John Murphy, Kimberly O’Connell, Robin Parks, Amy Pearlman, Tanisha Powell, Molly Scott, Morea Williams, Leslie Wood

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