Congressman Joe Sestak Visits Bryn Mawr

Posted February 4th, 2009 at 3:01 pm.

Bryn Mawr President Jane McAuliffe, Rep. Joseph Sestak and Assoc. Professor David Ross

Bryn Mawr President Jane McAuliffe, Rep. Joseph Sestak, and Assoc. Professor David Ross

Democratic U.S. Rep. Joe Sestak of Pennsylvania spoke to Bryn Mawr faculty and students in Dalton Hall Monday about the economy and other key policy issues confronting the United States.

Sestak’s visit was hosted by Associate Professor of Economics David Ross as part of his “Policy Analysis and Economic Advocacy” seminar.

During the discussion, Sestak covered a wide range of issues including the economy, health care, education, national defense, and energy and environmental policy.

“Our country is facing enormous challenges, and as I have said before, this election was not a mandate given to a particular political party by the public, but rather an opportunity for every citizen and elected official to work toward the changes the country needs together,” Sestak told those in attendance.

In previous semesters, “Policy Analysis and Economic Advocacy” has featured editors from the Philadelphia Inquirer as well as elected officials and their staff members. Ross plans to have staffers from the offices of several state officials take part in this semester’s seminar.

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