Academic awards announced on May Day

Posted May 13th, 2008 at 3:21 pm.

At May Day Convocation on Sunday, May 4, President Nancy J. Vickers announced the winners of a host of awards given to Bryn Mawr students. The list of more than 50 awards and scholarships includes honors bestowed by Bryn Mawr as well as those given by outside organizations. The complete list of awards follows.

Fulbright Fellowship: Paula Mans ’08

Harry S. Truman Scholarship: Emily McGlynn ’09

Academy of American Poets Poetry Prize for the best poem or group of poems:
Anna Mendoza ’08
honorable mention: Marina Gibbons ’09

Seymour Adelman Prize for book collecting: Helen Cosgrove-Davies ’10

Seymour Adelman Poetry Award: Jen Rajchel ’11 and Sarah Scheckter, GSAS

Jane Wilkinson Arts Prize for outstanding contributions in the arts: Ellen Gaintner ’08 for dance, Adaobi Kanu ’08 for dance, and Mariel Rosati ’08 for theater

Bain-Swiggett Prize for the best single poem: Nicole Gervasio ’10
honorable mention: Kristin Townsend ’11

Berle Memorial Prize in German literature: Emily Phillips ’08

Bolton Prize for excellence in the senior project in Growth and Structure of Cities: Susannah Henschel, Haverford College ’08, and Dana Litowitz, Haverford College ’08

Hester Ann Corner Prize for distinction in French literature: Denise Lim ’08, Adrianna Link ’09, and Meera Seth ’09

Frederica de Laguna Award for a senior’s meritorious academic work in anthropology: Megan Bailey ’08

Katherine Fullerton Gerould Prize in Creative Writing: Anna Mueser ’10
honorable mention: Aarthi Manohar ’11

Anna L. Keys Memorial Prize in Archaeology: Judith Barr ’09 and Victoria Jones ’08

Sheelah Kilroy Memorial Scholarship in English: Julia Lustick ’09 and Laura Perry ’09

Richmond Lattimore Prize: Stoyana Alexandrova ’11, Lauren Dubowski ’08, Natsu Fukui ’08, and Caitlin Heavener ’09

Martha Barber Montgomery Prize for special projects in the humanities: Kiran Bhardwaj ’10

The Elinor Nahm Prizes:

In first-year Italian: Mary Anne Kowalski ’11 and Kelsey Lynch ’11
In intermediate Italian: Samantha Wood ’11
In Italian language and literature: Kate Allen ’10, Claire Brandon ’08, Anna Dejdar ’08, Hannah Flack ’08, Jessica Lee ’08, and Elizabeth Schwartz ’08
In Russian language and linguistics: Christina Krushen ’08

The Katherine Stains Prize in Classical Literature: Lauren Tomola ’08

Pauline Jones Prize in French: Lauren Dubowski ’08

Elisabeth Packard Art and Archaeology Prize: Judith Barr ’09 and Katelyn Coughlan ’09

Alexandra Peschka Prize for imaginative writing in prose: Sundes Kazmir ’11
honorable mention: Maggie Bohara ’10

Emma Osborn Thompson Prize in Geology: Alexi Ernstoff ’08, Camille Jones ’08, and Zoe Ruge ’08

Gail Ann Schweiter Prize: Rima Bishar ’08, Jaclyn Lang ’09, and Emily McGlynn ’09

The Elizabeth Duane Gillespie Undergraduate Award: Jennifer Lynch ’09 and Anna Schatz ’09

Charlotte Angas Scott Prize for Excellence in Mathematics: Melanie Edwalds ’08 and Milena Redzic ’08

Pauline Austin Adams Fund for Excellence in Anthropology: Whitney Ale ’08

Mary Louise Cookson Prize in Mathematics: Dena Feldman ’08 and Emily Glick ’08

Anna Pell Wheeler Prize for Excellence in Mathematics: Aditi Vashist ’08 and Jessica Webster Love ’08

Anne Kirschbaum Winkelman Literary Prize for the most outstanding original short story: Ilana Vine ’09
honorable mention: Catlin McCarthy ’09

The Dr. Hayley S. Thomas Prize in Diversity: Dinu Ahmed ’08, Abaobi Kanu ’08, and Joanna Pinto-Coelho ’09

Hanna Holborn Gray Fellowships: Suzanna Alter ’09, Mary Barton ’09, Ariane Briski ’09, Jessica Brody ’09, Hind Eideh ’09, Nicole Gervasio ’10, Jennifer Lynch ’09, Joanna Pinto-Coelho ’09, Elizabeth Pounds ’09, Shyama Rajendran ’09, Anna Schatz ’09, Jessica Schwartz ’09, Sarah Stefanski ’09, and Amber Zambelli ’09

Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowships: Terah Edun ’10, Nicole Gervasio ’10, Augusta Irele ’10, Lilian Mengesha ’10, and Joanna Pinto-Coelho ’09

Thomas Raeburn White Scholarship for Summer Language Study Abroad:
Ean Oesterle ’10

Georgette Chapman Poindexter ’81 Scholarship for Summer Study Abroad:
Ean Oesterle ’10

Mary Patterson McPherson Fund for Outstanding Community Service for the Undergraduate College: Dinu Ahmed ’08, Tania Melo ’08, and Amanda Root ’08

Maria L. Eastman Brooke Hall Memorial Scholarship, awarded to the member of the junior class with highest grade-point average: Alla Myrvoda ’09

The Elizabeth S. Shippen Scholarship in Science: Laura Popa ’09

The Elizabeth S. Shippen Scholarship in Language: Mia Prensky ’09

The Charles S. Hinchman Scholarship: Natasha Eilbert ’09

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