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Posted January 23rd, 2014 at 12:25 pm.

An interview conducted by Medha Ghosh ’16 was published on the diversity, activism, and culture blog Browntourage on Nov. 25.

Ghosh reviewed rapper M.I.A’s recent show at Terminal 5 in New York City and interviewed M.I.A’s drummer, Kiran Gandhi. The article is Ghosh’s first piece for the publication.

Bryn Mawr Now asked Ghosh about her experience writing the piece:

“I got involved with Browntourage through a friendship with the two women who curate it, Hawa and Tonia. It’s a magazine that prides itself on balancing entertainment with activism and is committed to honest representation and diversification of media and culture in the United States. This is the first piece I have written for them, but I’m excited to write more in the future!

This specific opportunity originated through the powerful tool of social media. I decided to follow Kiran Gandhi (the drummer) on Instagram prior to knowing she was going on tour with M.I.A. By luck, she decided to follow me back!

A few months later, I then scored a ticket to the opening show for M.I.A. and decided to use this opportunity to try meeting up with Kiran since I already had made myself known to her through the internet. I emailed her, after talking to the girls from Browntourage, and asked her if she’d be up to do a quick interview for the magazine on being a woman of color, a drummer, and a student at Harvard Business School. She responded not too long after and voila! It was really surprising how nice and open Kiran was about all of it.

I wanted to write this piece because, although I have known and been a fan of M.I.A. for a much longer time, the fact that Kiran was so close to my age and was both managing to balance being a student and touring as a drummer for one of the biggest music icons of today, was very interesting and all-around admirable. I definitely see Kiran getting even bigger in the arts in the future so I wanted to try to get a one-on-one interview before it became a lot more difficult.”

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