Project Dorm Room Winners Announced

Posted March 21st, 2013 at 3:13 pm.

Last month, the winners of Bryn Mawr’s Project Dorm Room competition were announced. This is the fifth year that Residentials Life has held this photo contest, which is open to all resident undergraduate students.

Rooms entered into Project Dorm Room are first judged by the student body, and then the grand prize winner is chosen by a voting panel of deans, Tuesday Group staff, and Residence Council members. Judges vote for the room that stands out the most, is beautifully decorated, uniquely designed, and creative.

This year’s “Best of Bryn Mawr” grand prize winner was Rae Hamilton in Haffner.

The dorm winners are:
Megan Thomson Connor, Batten House
Danica Cotov, Brecon
Tianyuan Zhang, Denbigh
Shannon Stussy, Erdman
Laura James, Merion
Kayla Bixler, Claire Johnson, Abby Johnson, and Veronica Roux, Pembroke East
Natalie Zamora, Pembroke West
Oly Brookhart, Radnor
Betrice Yambrach, Rhoads North
Marianne Wald, Rhoads South
Grace Dewey, Rockefeller

The grand prize “Best of Bryn Mawr” winner received a Kindle Fire. Prizes for the other winners included Regal Cinema movie tickets, gift cards to the campus bookstore, room draw priority numbers, and money on their OneCard for the café.

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