Rejuvenated Bryn Mawr Web site to Launch Next Week

Posted January 28th, 2010 at 3:25 pm.

refreshBryn Mawr College is set to launch its refreshed Web site on Tuesday, Feb. 2.

The most striking improvements for users will be seen in the design of the home page. The headers and footers have been reworked to allow for better navigation and the incorporation of social-media links. The “I am” navigation tool has been replaced with an “Information For” section in the header. The home page and the entire Web site feature a new color scheme that allows for better incorporation of Bryn Mawr’s traditional colors of yellow and white.

The page now features a large central area with rotating images and key messages about Bryn Mawr’s academic strengths, global reach, and vibrant community. The images are linked to pages featuring stories and profiles that reinforce those distinctive qualities.

Other changes on the home page meant to improve navigation include a new “Offices” link, and the renaming of the “Character” link to “About Us.” The footer space has been completely reworked to provide key links including an “A-Z Index,” and an employment link.

Subtle design elements on the homepage include an architectural rendering of Taylor Hall where the transportation schedule appears; line drawings taken from May Day scrolls in the upper right and lower left corners of the page; and a photo of Thomas Hall’s soaring windows to the right of the main home page images.

The project builds upon the adoption of Web standards achieved in the last Web-site redesign and responds to user feedback about the current site.

When the refresh project was announced, College Communications also announced a photo contest for images to be used on the refreshed site. We want to thank everyone for all the great submissions. We’re still poring over them to choose our favorites, which will appear in the new campus slide show found by clicking on the home page’s campus link. Winners of the contest will be notified via e-mail.

The College Communications team and Information Services’ Web Services Group worked with Boston-based design firm iFactory on this project, which began in the Fall 2009 semester. The project team was made up of Catherine Farman,  Andrea Kaldrovics, Andrew Lacey, Juliana Perry, and Vince Patone, all of Web Services; and Claudia Ginanni, Matt Gray, Tracy Kellmer, Maureen McGonigle,  and Jenny Rickard, of Communications.

Since this project was able to take advantage of the standardization of Web pages achieved in the 2008 redesign, the Web refresh team expects the launch of the refreshed site to involve only minimal effort on the part of those who maintain pages in the current templates. The Web Services Group will be working with Web stewards and content managers to resolve any issues that arise as a result of the refresh.

Anyone who maintains a Web page and experiences problems as a result of the refresh should contact the Help Desk or Juliana Perry in web services or complete the form at

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