Judy Balthazar Named Dean of Studies for the Undergraduate College

Posted February 9th, 2009 at 2:15 pm.

dsc_0664Associate Dean Judy Balthazar has been selected to fill the recently created position of Dean of Studies for the Undergraduate College. As the first dean of studies, Balthazar will oversee the undergraduate college’s academic-advising and support services. She and the associate and assistant deans who report to her are responsible for helping students discover their academic interests, take full advantage of academic and co-curricular opportunities, access academic support, apply for fellowships and scholarships, and successfully complete their degrees.

The dean of studies also oversees the Office of International Programs and the Office of Access Services. Ex officio, she sits on the Council for Undergraduate Academic Standing and its subcommittees and, by invitation, on the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee. She works closely with the registrar, with the General Faculty, and with the student life staff. The dean of studies reports to the dean of the undergraduate college.

As she worked toward a Ph.D. in classical archaeology at the University of Pennsylvania, Balthazar spent three years as a resident fellow in Penn’s College House program, an experience she credits with sparking her interest in student advising.  After earning the degree, she worked in administration at the University of Virginia. Balthazar came to Bryn Mawr in 1991 as an assistant dean and has been an associate dean since 2000.

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