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Reading Bones to Unlock Mysteries of the Evolution of Hunting and Warfare

Posted December 19, 2008
Visiting Assistant Professor Jill Rhodes

Read any good bones lately? Visiting biological anthropologist Jill Rhodes has, and they may provide some of the earliest evidence of when modern humans started doing something that would have been a pivotal development in the evolution of hunting and warfare—something we all take for granted: the overhead throw Read more »

Cities Program’s Carola Hein awarded Humboldt Fellowship

Posted December 15, 2008

The German port city of Hamburg has a history of reinventing itself, says Associate Professor Carola Hein of the Growth and Structure of Cities Program. A major redevelopment project focused on the city’s historic warehouse district continues that tradition, but it also shares characteristics with waterfront-redevelopment projects in Baltimore, London, Rotterdam, and Sydney, among others. […]

Bryn Mawr in the Media: The Philadelphia Inquirer

Posted December 12, 2008

In “Bryn Mawr College eyeing campus in Abu Dhabi,” The Philadelphia Inquirer reports on the College’s exploration of the possibility of opening a campus in Abu Dhabi.

Bryn Mawr in the Media: The New York Times

Posted December 9, 2008

Constance Rosenblum ’65, editor of The New York Times’ City Section, will take questions from readers through Dec. 12 as part of the Times’ “Talk to the Newsroom” series. Rosenblum, who holds an A.B. in English from Bryn Mawr, an M.A. in English from New York University, and an M.S. in journalism from Columbia University, […]

Bryn Mawr president takes part in U.K./U.S. study group on higher education

Posted December 4, 2008

Bryn Mawr President Jane McAuliffe is in London this week meeting with a small group of fellow higher-education leaders from the United States and the United Kingdom who are studying the current state of U.S./U.K. academic collaboration; how to strengthen those relationships; and how to leverage the unique ties that exist between the two countries in a global context.

Bryn Mawr in the Media:

Posted December 4, 2008

In “Getting Inside Obama’s ‘Brain’,” CNN’s Ashley Fantz interviews Karen Kornbluh ’84, who is President-elect Barack Obama’s chief policy adviser and the principal architect of the 2008 Democratic Party Platform. She talks about Obama’s decision-making process and policy reforms designed to meet the needs of working families.

Bryn Mawr in the Media: The Wall Street Journal

Posted December 4, 2008
Cheryl Holland

Cheryl Holland ’80, president of Abacus Planning Group, is featured in this Wall Street Journal column, which highlights model portfolios from prominent financial advisers who invest in mutual funds and exchange-traded funds.

Protecting Bryn Mawr’s financial future: a letter from President McAuliffe

Posted December 4, 2008
Jane (signature)

Because Bryn Mawr was on a strong financial footing as the current economic downturn began, President McAuliffe and her advisers believe that spending can be cut without damaging the core mission of the College. Priorities: maintaining academic quality and continuing to meet full demonstrated need of students receiving financial aid.

Bryn Mawr in the Media: The Philadelphia Inquirer

Posted December 1, 2008
Bryn Mawr President Jane Dammen McAuliffe

Bryn Mawr President Jane Dammen McAuliffe gives thanks for “the day that made Jesse Jackson cry.”

Great Small Works: colossal performances in miniature

Posted December 1, 2008
photo of puppet theater with solar system

The Obie-award winning puppeteers of Great Small Works will bring toy theater—colossal events of miniature proportions—to Bryn Mawr College’s Thomas Great Hall on Friday, Dec. 5. Shows begin at 7 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. More »